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New Message on Sexuality Audio Download


    A 59 minute audio download of
    God's New Message called "New Message on Sexuality"
    as revealed to Marshall Vian Summers

    on January 4, 2008 in Boulder, Colorado

    (part of the 'Relationships & Greater Purpose' 3-pack CD set)

    New Message on Sexuality - "It is important that We address the issue of sex and sexual relationships. This is such an important part of the human experience and such an area of confusion and misappropriation that it must be addressed as a significant part of any approach to living a more meaningful and more powerful life.

    Human sexuality is a potent force, and it is an appropriate one for certain people within certain circumstances. It is something that is greatly misunderstood, something around which much misunderstanding has been cast, something that must be clarified if you are to begin the great journey of discovering Knowledge, the deeper intelligence that the Creator of all life has given you, and if you are to follow this Knowledge and to learn to express it and to render its gifts into the world, which is your purpose.

    Sexuality really is something very simple to understand. It represents both a biological need and a need for union with another. However, it must be seen within its correct context and for its true purpose to be understood.

    First of all, it is important to realize that sexuality is not necessary for everyone. Your sexual impulses are really not physical in nature. They represent a deeper need of the mind, which can be fulfilled in other ways. This has been understood over the centuries, of course, by certain individuals within every faith tradition."


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    1. Sex is a Sacred Union  star rating

      Posted by Hilary Canto on 12th Apr 2018

      Having written myself about sacred sexuality, this audio confirmed for me the truth that sex is a sacred union.

      Sex is the biggest cause of misunderstanding in our world and this audio helps unravel the confusion about sex.

      There are parts that may sound too idealistic especially for teenagers, however if the overall message is embraced, it helps us to put sex into context in daily life.

    2. Nasi Novare Coram  star rating

      Posted by ray_Colorado on 25th Sep 2017

      "It will be a union of souls, ... not simply a joining of bodies.

      People make this mistake all of the time and pay very a heavy cost for it. For to sexually engage with someone who does not represent your true partner in life is to violate your integrity. It is to commit yourself inappropriately. It is to try to bond yourself unsuccessfully. All of these lead to failure and suffering, even if sexuality is considered to be some form of recreation. In fact and in truth it represents a bonding and if you try to bond with someone you cannot unite with, well … it will be a failure and you will experience a loss around it.

      Once you have become sexually engaged with someone you have established at least the attempt at union and the relationship will never be the same. You could never be casual friends after this. There will always be this bond that failed; there will always be this discomfort and embarrassment. There will always be a sense of apprehension.

      Sexuality is a very powerful force within you.
      If you misapply it, it will cost you greatly.

      If you endeavor to engage with another inappropriately or prematurely it will create a difficulty in you learning about the other person and determining whether that person can unite with you in a meaningful way in this life.

      This is a fundamental reality, you can argue against it, you can rebel against it, you can insist that it be otherwise but you cannot change its truth. Many have tried to find exception to this and have only found failure and disassociation from others as a result.

      In certain places in the world even still, and certainly in human history, men have tried to have many women but this is like a man owning a herd of cattle, there is no true union here, there is not uniting of souls.

      People ask “Well, is monogamy necessary?”

      And We say “Yes, of course it is.”

      If you try to find exception to this it create confusion, division and disassociation and will destroy the trust and recognition between you and your partner. Again, many people have tried to take exception to this but without good results.

      If you engage sexually with other people, in a casual or recreational manner, you will dissipate your vital energy, you will spend your life force, you will lose touch with Knowledge within yourself, you will lose your sense of yourself, you will lose your sense of your self worth, and the value of your life.

      Most people would not simply throw all their money away, put it in the trash, but that is exactly what you are doing when you become sexually engaged with a lot of people. It is like taking all of your money and putting it in the trash or throwing it in the fire.

      You are spending your wealth on nothing and have nothing to show for it. For you must see that every pleasure has a cost, healthy pleasures have a very small cost, perhaps even imperceptible, but other pleasures have great costs and lasting costs. Some of them will costs you your whole life. Some of them will cost you your future and your destiny, some of them will cost you your health, some of them will cost you your marriage. Some of them will cost you your relationship with your children.

      All of these pleasures that carry great costs, will cost you your connection with Knowledge within yourself, setting you further into the darkness of your own confusion and fearful imagination lowering your value to yourself and to other people."

      New Message On Sexuality
      ... .. . .. ...

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