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Healing our Planet, Healing Our Selves

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    Healing Our Planet, Healing Our Selves - The Power of Change Within to Change the World
    Edited by Dawson Church & Geralyn Gendreau

    Marshall Vian Summers is one of the thirty-six powerful authors, visionaries, leaders and researchers included in this anthology. Marshall speaks in mystical terms on The Great Turning Point. This turning point can lead you into unchartered territory. It may change your life. Ask yourself, "Am I ready to take this next step?"

    "Those who have reached this point know that the truth about their purpose in life is more important than anything else - comfort, security, acknowledgement, love or money. They are becoming whole-hearted in Knowledge. This is a turning point. Now something important can really begin to happen."

    Table of Contents

    Part One: The Guiding Light of Spirit

    Barbara Marx Hubbard: Bringing God Home
    Neal Donald Walsch: Tomorrow's God in Action
    Saniel Bonder: Healing the Roots of Fundamentalism
    Huston Smith: The News of Eternity

    Part Two: Catalyzing Social and Political Transformation
    Mary Catherine Bateson: Cybernetics and Trust Between Nations
    The Dali Lama: Compassion in Action
    Helen Caldicott: The Nation That Saved the World?
    Syvia Haskvitz: Enemy Images

    Part Three: Spiritual Activism
    Andrew Harvey: Mystical Activism
    Ram Dass: Coming Down from The Mountain
    Marsha Covington: Spiritual Alchemy
    Kai Jakoma: Undefining the World
    Marshall Vian Summers: The Great Turning Point

    Part Four: Beyond the Scientific Horizon 
    Larry Dossey: Non-Local Consciousness and the Revolution in Medicine
    Barry Sears: Simple Solutions for Global Wellness
    Bruce Lipton: The Ching and I: BioPolitical Musings of a Transformed Scientist
    Henry Han: The Gray Zone
    Nelson Kellogg: Wisdom Communities

    Part Five: Carrying Change into Daily Life
    Trathen Heckman: Proactive Audacity: Daily Acts of Revolutionary Delight
    Deepak Chopra: Heroes of Ordinary Life
    Richard Moss: Birthing a New Culture
    Edward Viljoen: Every Problem a Prayer
    Angie Grainger: The Shadow Side of Money
    Dawson Church: Personal Disarmament

    Part Six: Shifting Cultural Values
    Daryl Hannah: Living Consistent with Your Values
    Gay Hendricks: Bedroom Wars Meet Bosnian Wars
    Duane Elgin: Reprogramming the Global Neural Network
    Neriah Lothamer: The New Chivalry
    Patricia Sun: The Evolutionary Leap
    Jean Shinoda Bolen: Wommen's Circles Ripple into Peace

    Part Seven: Earth Wisdom
    Joan Borysenko: Putting the Soul Back in Medicine
    Anthony Scheving & Geralyn Gendreau: Deep Empathy
    Marya Mann: Quantum Kin: Creative Communities in the New Time
    John Easterling: Living Treasure
    Alberto Villoldo: Homo Luminous: New Shamans of the West 


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