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Courage and the Will to Prepare Audio Download


    Courage and the Will to Prepare
    as revealed to Marshall Vian Summers
    on April 9, 2011
    in Boulder, Colorado

    The mind is weak. Beliefs are easily challenged. Emotions are easily aroused. In the face of travail, one can lose heart and be easily discouraged. This is why people run from the truth, not because what they are facing is untrue, but because they do not have the strength to abide with it. Their plans, their goals, their preferences, their involvements, their previous investment, everything can become so easily challenged in the face of the New World—a world of environmental change and social, political and economic upheaval. *What a difficult world with what humanity will have to face—the damage that it has done to the world and its ability to support humanity. This is an immense challenge, and there are very few people, even amongst the experts, who can really face this. 

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    1. Courage and motivation on the path of Knowledge  star rating

      Posted by Hilary Canto on 22nd May 2018

      I found this very reassuring whilst in a challenging time of studying the Steps to Knowledge. The audio speaks with great empathy and clarity on what the journey involves in preparing oneself for a greater life and reclaiming Knowledge. The courage needed to face oneself with honesty , to unlearn all that has given a life of illusion and to learn to live from the greater Knowledge within. A supportive audio if feeling discouraged in any way and an inspiring audio for deepening one's understanding of Knowledge , Revelation and the teachings of the Messenger. I felt a great inner strength from listening to this audio.

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