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The Confirmation


    The Confirmation
    As revealed to God’s Messenger

    Marshall Vian Summers
    on April 2, 2011
    in Boulder, Colorado

    This is the Confirmation—the Confirmation of why you have come into the world.

    The Calling that will call out of you that which you cannot call out of yourself.

    The Resonance that must come from the Source of life, a resonance that you are naturally attached to and in relationship with.

    The Confirmation that will bring your life into perspective, finally giving it the right context, the right meaning and its true application in a changing and difficult world.

    The Confirmation is what your heart is seeking in all of your pursuits and relationships, and happiness and fulfillment of whatever kind.

    The yearning of the soul for its true engagement in the world.

    For you have come here for a greater purpose, a purpose that you cannot ascertain from your intellect, your beliefs or your ideas alone.

    It is a personal revelation, and it does not come all at once.

    The Confirmation will be when you resonate with the Source of your life and are called into a greater engagement—a true purpose.

    So different it is from your plans and goals and schemes for happiness or redemption.

    If you are not struggling to survive, as so many people tragically are, then you have an opportunity to respond to a greater relationship and a greater engagement.

    And your engagement will play a great part in the restitution of the world and the great relief of poverty and degradation that afflicts so many.

    You know not of your greater calling or what it will mean, what it will look like and whom it will serve.

    That must be revealed to you over time as you demonstrate a readiness, an honesty and true commitment.

    But before this occurs, there is the Calling, there is the sound, there is the Voice, there is the memory, there is the word that snaps you out of your obsessive life, recalling an ancient memory, a deep understanding for a moment.

    Like lightning illuminating the landscape at night, it reveals something at the very heart of you.

    That is the Confirmation.

    The Confirmation is not that the Revelation will meet your expectations and refer to your beliefs or ideas or the beliefs or ideas of your religion or culture, your history or your nation.

    These are things for the intellect to dwell upon. But at a deeper level, there is another form of communication that must speak to you and that you in time must speak to others—greater engagement, a deeper recollection.

    Indeed, the Confirmation will be different from what you thought it would be.

    No glory, no grandeur, no accolades.

    You will not become a great prince, a great avatar, a great savior.

    No. No. No.

    Your role will be on a very humble scale, but its gifts will be profound.

    You will function without recognition to a large extent, for recognition brings misfortune.

    The Confirmation will sound again and again as you take the Steps to Knowledge and journey up this greater mountain—a mountain that you know not of, a mountain that presents itself before you suddenly, as if out of nowhere, from the mystery of your life.

    The Confirmation is seeing the world overtaken by the Great Waves of change and the recognition that humanity is not alone in the universe or even within its own world.

    Slowly you will see as your eyes are opened, you will hear as your ears are opened, as your mind becomes still and clear and not overwhelmed with its fears, its anger and its obsessions.

    This is the Confirmation.

    You cannot control it.

    You cannot determine the outcome.

    You cannot make it be what you want it to be, for this is an engagement with the Source of your life, and the Source sets the terms of engagement.

    For you do not come to God on your terms or according to your definitions or requirements.

    God does not have to prove the Divine Presence to you.

    You have to prove your allegiance to the Presence.

    The Confirmation will sound within you, far beneath the surface of your mind, down through the Ancient Corridors of your mind, down through layers of memory, down in a part of you that you know not of, being a stranger to yourself.

    Unless you have ventured deeply beneath the surface of your mind, it is unknown what is there.

    People are afraid to go there.

    People are afraid of themselves—their thoughts, their feelings, their emotions, their fears, their regrets.

    But the Confirmation is at a deeper level, you see.

    Even the most miserable person can hear it and feel it.

    The Confirmation sounds because you have reached a point of readiness, and the world around you is calling for you—calling for you to prepare, for you are not ready for your greater role.

    It is a signal from within yourself.

    It is a signal from those who watch over your life from above.

    It is a signal from the world.

    Ready or not, there is the signal—sounding on all these frequencies and all these dimensions, sounding together.

    It is the dynamic convergence of what you want, what you know and what the world requires of you.

    That is the Confirmation.

    But you cannot see it. You cannot touch it. You cannot formulate it in your mind.

    You cannot fit it in with your ideas.

    You cannot associate it with your beliefs, for it is beyond these things—beyond the realm and the reach of your intellect.

    Many pretend to be religious, to espouse their beliefs and ideas, to prostrate themselves at the temple or the mosque or the church.

    They speak the words.

    They give the appearance.

    But the Confirmation has not yet occurred within them.

    They are not yet in a deeper engagement.

    They are fixed on their beliefs and the social advantages it may give them and the sense of identity it may give them, but the Confirmation has not occurred.

    This is happening at a whole other dimension.

    Only in the future will your mind finally catch up and say, “Yes, indeed, that was the truth. Yes, indeed, I did need to follow that impulse. Yes, indeed, I did need to respond to the New Revelation. Yes, indeed, I did need to leave that situation.”

    It will be obvious to you, for you have reached a better place in life, a place of greater strength, clarity and self-trust.

    But before you reach this point of recognition, you are in grave doubt, perhaps having moments of severe doubt and uncertainty, going against your social conditioning, going against your desires and your preferences, following something mysterious that you cannot quantify or justify.

    But the Confirmation is pulling you.

    Once you have heard it, once you have felt it, your life will never be the same.

     The full transcription is here: https://www.newmessage.org/the-message/other-revelations/the-confirmation

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