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The Message and the Messenger


    The Message and The Messenger - Audio Download
    As revealed to God’s Messenger
    Marshall Vian Summers
    on January 26, 2008
    in Estes Park, Colorado

    It is important in understanding the nature of the New Revelation that it was given to someone who was sent into the world for the purpose of receiving it. He is a man. He is not perfect. He is not magnificent according to people’s expectations, but he is the one destined to receive the New Message, and his life has been orchestrated to make this possible. He has been guided to prepare for this for a very long time without really knowing what it was for. And he had to prove himself without realizing that he was proving himself for something very significant. He had to pass tests without knowing the nature of those tests or the meaning of success and failure.

    Born into a conventional family, educated at the university, he showed few signs of the greatness of his future life. However, the restraint he felt from committing himself to any kind of specialized career, the restraint he had to exercise regarding his relationships with others and his commitment to things in the world was with him from the start. His journey is inexplicable to anyone living in the world, for living in the world is only a partial experience of your complete reality. No matter how thorough your explanation or your theory might be, it is by definition incomplete.

    Marshall was given certain tasks to cultivate inner listening, discernment of others, an understanding of human nature, human relationships and a direct experience of the natural world. He was allowed to make mistakes and to experiment as a young man. He was able to experience the condition of humanity and taste the pleasures and sorrows of a more affluent life. His relationships helped him to learn how to be with other people effectively, to partner with other people, to live with other people; but he was kept from becoming a completely worldly person—a person whose whole focus and emphasis is on achievement within the world. For this, he experienced restraint—he was offered opportunities which he had to decline, given encouragement which he could not accept, experienced inducements which he had to deny.

    He made mistakes, oh yes, but none that would cost him his preparation for his future life. His imperfections are acknowledged. He recognizes them. His role does not require him to meet the expectations of others who think that if there was a New Message from God, it would be delivered by some kind of super person, a super man or a super woman—someone who is without flaw, someone who is magnificent and can perform miracles. These kinds of expectations are inherent in human perception, for people do not understand the nature, purpose and plan of God. Even the scriptures themselves cannot reveal this fully.

    Marshall had to travel as a young man, living without definition in the context of society. He had to maintain a focus on developing certain kinds of qualities—the quality of observation, the quality of evaluation and compassion for others, even concerning very grievous situations. But at the same time, he was kept out of war and conflict. He was kept out of marriage and parenthood. He was kept out of career, his goals always being moderated by the presence of Knowledge, the deeper intelligence within him. Patience, perseverance, self-confidence, humility, compassion, friendly, but reserved—these are the qualities that he had to cultivate way before he could have any sense of his greater purpose and calling in the world.

    It is true that the Message must be given to one person to maintain its purity, and this person must be the right person, the one chosen. This person must have assistance and companionship. For this, Marshall was sent a woman of great strength and integrity to be his wife and companion, and he was given a son who would help him fulfill his great mission in the world. And others were sent to assist him, some staying with him only for a while and others continuing with him even to this day. For the Messenger cannot travel alone. The Messenger must have assistance in receiving and bringing such a great Teaching into the world. And his companions must be strong and courageous, flexible and unassuming. Their connection with Marshall must be deep, profound and pre-established, you see.

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