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Being Alone Audio Download


    A 48 minute audio download of
    God's new message on "Being Alone"
    as revealed to Marshall Vian Summers
    on December 1, 2008
    in Seattle, Washington


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    1. Excellent supportive audio for studying the Steps to Knowledge  star rating

      Posted by Hilary Canto on 7th May 2018

      I found this audio very helpful in supporting lone study and helping to understand why having alone time is so important. Excellent for beginners on Steps to Knowledge and for deepening relationship within oneself for better relationship in the outer world.

    2. Nasi Novare Coram  star rating

      Posted by rayhobbs_Colorado on 10th Jul 2017

      Being alone is a great asset here and yet so many people either cannot have the opportunity to experience it because of their circumstances or as in the case in the wealthy nations people avoid it or dismiss it and so they remain unknown to themselves and in facing the great change that is coming to the world they will respond like hogs or animals or flocks of birds panicking at the last moment unaware of their surroundings caught up and preoccupied that even the animals in the field and the birds in the air are often more intelligent here for they sense change before it occurs. They respond to subtle forces whereas the human beings seem to be unaware unprepared and unresponsive.

      The power and presence of Knowledge is within you it is here to guide you at every turn it is not preoccupied it is not afraid it is not caught up in all the swirl of sensation fear and anxiety. It is not dominated by desire it has no fantasies it is creative because it adapts wisdom to the moment but it is not lost. It is awaiting you there to be discovered and experience but it does not happen by accident you have to build a deep connection as if you were in the desert and the water was flowing ten feet below the surface you have to drill that ten feet below the surface. You have to dig your way down to where the pure water flows.

      This should be part of your daily experience your spiritual practice it is one of the four pillars of your life The Pillar of Spiritual Development which is really the Pillar of Spiritual Practice along with the pillar of relationships the pillar of work and the pillar of heath the pillar of your spiritual practice is an essential part of your life and it will help to keep in balance the other pillars and everything else that you do.

      Once you have learned about the power and the wonder of stillness you will be able to still your mind in the moment when you are out in the world to gain a greater discernment with what is happening to make a wiser decision in the face of uncertainty to make a wiser choice regarding who to be with and how to be with them. You will be able to still your mind to look at this. Where others are preoccupied and remain blind you will see, you will see and you will know. You will look at every attractive person and you will see the difference between what looks good and what is good. You will see if a relationship has promise or not and the more your own greater purpose begins to emerge in your awareness you will have a real criteria about who to be with and to know if they can be with you.

      All this is with you it is your promise and your destiny but you have to work for it you have to be in relationship with it you have to participate you have to practice you have to focus and for this you need to be alone.

      Being Alone

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