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Contact with Intelligent Life in the Universe Audio Download


    A 54 minute audio download of
    God's New Message called "Contact with Intelligent Life in the Universe"
    as revealed to Marshall Vian Summers

    on October 1, 2008 in Boulder, Colorado

    Contact with Intelligent Life in the Universe - "The world is a beautiful place. It is a world of immense biological diversity. It is a world of tremendous wealth and value. The human family does not realize how significant a place this world really is in a universe of barren worlds. You do not realize the significance and value this will be given by those races who are aware of your existence. For those few races who have been observing human behavior and human history, they view you, with only a few exceptions, as chaotic and barbaric, and they are concerned that you are destroying the wealth of this world—a wealth that they want to have for themselves.

    Humanity has evolved in a state of relative isolation, relative because the world has been visited throughout its history, particularly with the advent of humanity. Periodically, the world has been visited by different races coming to seek the biological wealth of the world, and also to hide things of value in the world, things that the native peoples in earlier times would never find or suspect.

    The world has a long history of visitation, but colonization in the world by foreign races has never been successful, for reasons which you might not expect. Advanced technological races function mostly in sterile environments. To come into a world of such biological diversity, with countless biological agents, produces a hazard for such races. While they may be able to spend time in this world on board their own craft or even to build facilities here, the biological hazard of the world is too great, and the risk of contamination is too significant."


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    1. Nasi Novare Coram  star rating

      Posted by rayhobbs_Colorado on 2nd Jul 2017

      Humanity in the universe, has really two different kinds of encounters with life beyond its borders. You will have potential allies, and you will have competitors. You do not yet have enemies because you are not yet trying to exert your force beyond this solar system.

      So you do not have enemies, but you do have many competitors.

      Restrained from using force, they will use other means to gain access to this world. They will come here in small groups, establishing networks, establishing liaisons with certain selected leaders in positions of power in governments, commerce and religion.

      They will attempt to establish different influences within your religious communities and religious understanding.

      They will seek to establish a physical presence in the world even though they cannot breathe your atmosphere and cannot face the biological hazards of trying to exist here outside their own protective enclosures.

      They are not here to destroy you, but to use you, for they cannot live in this world. So they need you to work for them. And they will promise you anything, and they will assure you that you yourselves cannot solve your problems, in order to gain this power of influence over you.

      This is how a small group of resource explorers could overtake the entire human family without the use of force. They will prey upon your conflicts and your inability to resolve these conflicts, emphasizing that they more than you have the power and the capability to meet the growing needs of humanity. This, of course, will persuade and induce many people as humanity loses confidence in itself, in its leaders and in its institutions.

      This will create a vacuum of confidence which can easily be filled by the alien Intervention that exists in the world today.

      So you have competitors, and you have potential allies. Your allies will send you their wisdom as they have already done in a series of briefings, Briefings from the Allies of Humanity. But they will not interfere. They are not present in your world. All those visiting your world at this time are part of the Intervention.

      And there is more than one group.

      Contact with Intelligent Life in the Universe

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