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Deeper Recognition in Relationships Audio Download


    A 44 minute audio download of
    God's New Message called "A Deeper Recognition in Relationships"
    as revealed to Marshall Vian Summers

    on September 11, 2008 in Boulder, Colorado

    A Deeper Recognition in Relationships - "There are many people in the world today who have no one who can truly recognize them. Beyond their position in a family or a culture, beyond their work as an adult, there is no one in the world who really knows who they are or has a deeper feeling for their life and their destiny. Though people are in relationship for many different reasons—to escape loneliness, to build a family, for social position, for wealth, for power, for companionship—even here this deeper recognition is rare.

    This is really tragic because to be known by someone is to have your deeper nature recognized and strengthened. People are not living according to their deeper nature. They are living according to their adaptation to their culture, to their family, perhaps to a religion. This is their social identity, their social self, but there is a deeper reality within them.

    This deeper reality was created by God. It does not have a nametag. It does not have a social function. It is not simply based upon one's role in a family or a culture. It is not based necessarily on one's work or vocation.

    To go through life unrecognized is really to be alone. Even if you are a very social person and have a large network of friends, even if you have many engagements with other people, even if you are physically living in a crowded city or a crowded apartment, if you are unrecognized, you are alone. And this loneliness is haunting. It goes with you everywhere. It is the tragedy of Separation."


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    1. The 28th day of August in the Year of 2018  star rating

      Posted by ray, ... .. . on 28th Aug 2018

      "To have the opportunity to be known by others you must build your connection to Knowledge so you can be known to yourself.
      Now you are really creating a change within yourself and even within the world. Now you are creating an opportunity for people to have an experience of recognition with you.
      Instead of sitting idly by hoping and wishing for something to happen you are creating the environment within yourself and around yourself for recognition is inevitable."


      "In the study Steps to Knowledge you learn how to listen within yourself. Instead of just trying to just have immediate insights or ideas you learn how to simply listen. In the practice of stillness you are listening and as you develop this ability to listen you learn how to listen to others. You learn how to become neutral when others are speaking to you so that you can hear what they are really saying, what they are really needing from you, what they are really trying to communicate even though they themselves cannot really express it clearly.
      This listening, this paying attention is so important and you develop this skill within your practice in Steps to Knowledge because these steps will teach you how to listen within yourself. It will teach you how to become patient and observant, they will help you to settle down and become less restless, they will relieve you of your anxiety which drives you constantly in life. They will enable you to experience your deeper feelings and emotions, and to forgive those individuals and those circumstances that you feel wounded you in the past.
      Now you are learning to listen and you are listening for the deeper current of your life and now you are listening to others and this listening is so important, ... because people need to be heard. "

      Excerpts from: Deeper Recognition In Relationships

      Rahn Ekan Novay Trenansa, Misu Veda Maya Toom
      ... .. .

    2. Relating from Knowledge  star rating

      Posted by Hilary Canto on 12th Apr 2018

      This is an excellent audio on how we recognise each other from Knowledge and honour each other. How we can connect with another across the world from knowledge and how we can enrich our personal relationships from that deeper recognition within us beyond the surface of appearances.

      A very deep teaching here

    3. Nasi Novare Coiram  star rating

      Posted by Ray_Colorado on 31st May 2016

      Should you become truly capable here people will come to you for guidance for reassurance. You will be able to contribute to people because you are having this recognition experience within and in your life you will find that certain people who are really ready to participate with you when you have the right qualities will come into your life to assist you with your greater work whatever that may be.

      Here you have found the wealth of life and have learned to escape your impoverished conditions of living at the surface of your mind where there are only appearances.

      Now you are living life based upon a deeper recognition and this deeper recognition creates a deeper level of relationship with others and here you are like water in a thirsty land you are bringing nourishment to people because you yourself are nourished.

      You are speaking to the deeper need of the soul in the individual and whether they can accept you or not whether they can receive you or not you are still having an impact.

      Here you are being known and you are able to know others and that is an unparalleled gift in this world

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