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Enduring Love Audio Download


    A 34 minute audio download of 
    God's New Message on Enduring Love
    as received by Marshall Vian Summers
    on March 12, 2011
    in Boulder, Colorado

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    1. Nasi Novare Coram  star rating

      Posted by Ray_Colorado on 24th Nov 2016

      The world is growing darker and more distressed. You are seeing this now occurring here and there with greater frequency and if you are sensitive to this and are willing to be with this, consider this and be compassionate with this, this greater love will emerge and it will tend to offset your own fear in trepidation. All of the anger and frustrations these events can arouse within you represent your own fear, your fear of loss your fear of disruption your fear of losing privileges and wealth your fear of oppression your fear of disaster your fear of death.
      So many different fears are aroused as you bear witness to the emerging events around the world which represent the great waves of change that are coming to your community. And what will offset this growing sense of apprehension anxiety and concern but the enduring love within you.
      You will want to run away into your hobbies and habits your obsessions your fantasies your dreams or watch movies and watch the dreams and fantasies of others. It is because you cannot face reality, a reality of a declining world, a reality of a world whose resources are diminishing and whose populations are growing a world of increasing disruptions and uncertainty.
      As you take the Steps to Knowledge and unite your surface social mind with the deeper mind within you, you will have the strength to face these things with greater clarity objectivity and equanimity. You will feel the suffering of others you will feel the tragedy of change in the world you will feel lots of emotions being aroused within you by these arising and emerging situations but the enduring love will give you strength and countenance in the face of these things.
      For Knowledge is not afraid of the world, the deeper mind within you the part of you that is still connected to God and can return to God, is not afraid of the world it is not afraid of death and destruction mayhem and loss deprivation.

      All the things that plague you and terrify you and make you want to run away and hide somewhere.

      Knowledge is the core strength that you have the core integrity the core certainty the core power; it is the source of the enduring love within you.

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