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Healing Relationships Audio Download


    53 minute audio CD on
    God's new message on "Healing Relationships"
    as revealed to Marshall Vian Summers
    on September 9, 2008
    in Boulder, Colorado

    Healing Relationships - "Resolving relationships on a personal level is important, but there is another level of your life that you are perhaps only now beginning to consider and to experience, and that is the reality of your higher purpose in the world—that you came into the world for a greater purpose, which you have not yet discovered, that your life has another dimension that you are only beginning to consider and experience, that you are not just the product of your family and your culture. You actually are here on a mission. You have something important to do that is waiting to be discovered and expressed."


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    1. Nasi Novare Coram  star rating

      Posted by rayhobbs_Colorado on 30th Mar 2017

      If your family could not accept you, that is good because your future purpose in life may be something that has to operate outside the network of your family, and they have given you the freedom to pursue that. If you were disappointed in relationship, did it not free you for a greater future? Had you married that person, you may never have had the opportunity or found the inner strength or certainty to discern what you are really here to do. Have not the errors of others and your own mistakes given you a core and a foundation for developing wisdom—wisdom that will save your life and that will be of immense value to other people, wisdom that you can teach and demonstrate, wisdom that will be part of your gift to a struggling humanity?
      This represents a revolution within yourself—a real transformation, an entirely different position from which to see life and to see yourself. And it is entirely honest. It is entirely authentic. There is no emotional dishonesty here. There is no self-deception here. There is no glossing over the truth here with fanciful ideas. It is entirely sound. It is entirely real.
      Here forgiveness becomes the means by which other people’s lives can teach you something of value and can encourage you to have the strength and the commitment and the wisdom to choose and to accept the gift of a greater purpose in life.

      Healing Relationships

      Nasi Novare Coram

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