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Rebellion, Revolution and War Audio Download


    A 36 minute audio download of
    God's New Message called "Rebellion, Revolution and War"
    as revealed to Marshall Vian Summers

    on February 22, 2011 in Boulder, Colorado

    Rebellion, Revolution and War - “The freedom movements in the world are gaining momentum. Peoples long oppressed by crushing and unethical regimes are now rising up. They are rising up not only to gain freedom, but to gain more essential things: employment, food, water, security—the very basic things of life, the very basic things that people in all nations need.

    This is not simply a political phenomenon or a social phenomenon. It is in keeping with the Great Waves of change that are coming to the world, for as humanity grows and the world’s resources are expended and diminished, more and more people will be pressed to meet the basic requirements of life.

    This will tip the scale, you see. Their long aggravation or political oppression, their long disenfranchisement of their rights will now be driven to extreme revolution for which people are willing to die and to sacrifice themselves—ordinary people, average people, people in many, many places.

    The revolutions that are happening in many countries, the struggle for freedom and justice and rule by law—all of these things now will be propelled forward by the impacts of the Great Waves of change. If a government cannot feed and provide for its people, and if it is too corrupt at its center, the Great Waves will forge an upheaval, an upheaval that will overcome even the most powerful and resistant governments and the most powerful and resistant overlords.”

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    1. Understanding what forces creates rebellion, revolution and war  star rating

      Posted by Betty on 26th Dec 2016

      I feel the need to understand how rebellion, revolution and war occurs, because when you understand how something happen, you can see more of the world evolutionary track, and how one can participate to become a contributor. I feel this revelation, address this if one can hear this without fear but with much objectivity possible. It also helps one to see what is coming over the horizon, at a world level. I'd recommend this.

    2. Great information to find out about our world, and the troubles we face.  star rating

      Posted by rowan o'reilly on 26th May 2016

      I initially downloaded this adio to find out about the wars happening all over the world in various places. The audio is verry informative and it is great to have information, of any kind for that matter, that is so in depth that speaks to whats on your mind - all round amazing!!. could not ask for more!

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