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Signs from the World Audio Download


    49 minute audio download of
    God's New Message on "Signs from the World"
    as revealed to Marshall Vian Summers

    on November 7, 2008
    in Boulder, Colorado

    Signs from the World - "Many people today are feeling anxious about the future. They are feeling anxious about the course that humanity is taking and about the great difficulties that are emerging within and beyond nations. Perhaps their fears are associated with specific things or specific tendencies. However they evaluate their feelings, their feelings are giving them a sign and a clue that the world is entering a more difficult and prolonged challenge and set of circumstances. Regardless of people's beliefs and assumptions, their feelings, if they can be anticipated and really considered, will give them these signs.

    Perhaps people will say, 'Well, I am very hopeful things will turn out well.' Perhaps they will say, 'Well, we will meet these challenges with new technology.' Perhaps they will say, 'We have been through difficult times before, and we will endure and emerge successful here.' But these are all evaluations of a primary experience that should not in any case be discounted. If people listened to their experiences more than their ideas, they would have a truer sense of what is coming over the horizon. And they would have a truer sense of how they are really responding.

    People do not want to suffer, and so they tell themselves things to relieve themselves of anxiety or concern. This is understandable, of course, but it often betrays a deeper experience and a real sign that one is receiving within oneself. For the world is giving you signs, and the deeper intelligence within you called Knowledge is also giving you signs. They are giving you clues, indicators and warnings. Knowledge within yourself will continue to try to flag you to get your attention. And once your attention has been gained, Knowledge can begin to guide you in a constructive manner to prepare for the changing circumstances of the world."

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    1. Heed what life is showing you  star rating

      Posted by Hilary Canto on 10th Jun 2018

      An excellent support audio for understanding how life and Knowledge speak to us. Using 3 steps of awareness, then going deeper into being aware then taking action. Even though I am a very aware person I found this audio thought provoking, enlightening and guiding in paying attention to the world around us and our inner world. Signs from the World for our greater purpose through Knowledge is simple and clear.

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