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The Art of Seeing Audio Download


    A 38 minute audio download of
    God's New Message called "The Art of Seeing"
    as revealed to Marshall Vian Summers

    on April 11, 2011 in Boulder, Colorado

    The Art of Seeing - "God has given you the eyes to see and the ears to hear, but this seeing and this hearing are very different from what you are accustomed to. For your sight is dimmed by the confusion of your mind and by the myriad of impressions from the world that you have been accumulating for so very long.

    Your ears are dull. They are only attuned to certain things, and they only listen to certain things.

    So while you have the natural endowments in varying degrees in people, in almost all cases these endowments have not really been cultivated and applied wisely and appropriately.

    God has given you the greater intelligence of Knowledge to guide you. But for you to develop your ability to follow Knowledge and to experience it and to express it effectively in the world—in a world where Knowledge is not recognized or appreciated—you must develop these skills.

    Your body is a marvelous instrument, but its true qualities have not been recognized and developed in nearly all cases.

    Your mind has become a tyrant, an oppressor governed by social conventions, fear, desire and expectation. But it too is a wonderful instrument for navigating a changing world, for creating marvelous things in service to people and in being an instrument of communication. But it too has not been cultivated and is not being used to its greater potential and for its greater purpose." 

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    1. Nasi Novare Coram  star rating

      Posted by Ray_Colorado on 29th Oct 2016

      "In the Greater Community of life in the universe around you there are races that have developed these skills at a very high level. It is not that they are basically more intelligent than you are it is just that this has been a major focus and a major need.
      When you are engaging with different races in the universe you must be very discerning. Language is a problem; you are dealing with other kinds of consciousnesses, other kinds of values and ethics, you are dealing with beings who think differently, live according to different principles have different experiences have had to face different things in their history.
      How will you ever be able to communicate with them effectively? How will you ever be able to understand them or see them correctly? How will you ever be able to know their true motives and abilities?
      It will take great presence mind, highly developed skills to be able to do this but if humanity is to function in this Greater Community of life it must elevate its abilities in this regard, especially for those individuals that are destined to become real seers."

      "They take these basic skills and all the arenas of applications and elevate it to a very high degree. They can sit for days focusing on something only taking time for rest and nourishment.
      They can hear things you cannot hear and see things you cannot see and discern the motivations and the influences in the mental environment. Things that you could not recognize because their range of sight is deep and their presence of mind is powerful … and their engagement with Knowledge is strong.

      They can see farther and hear more. They are extremely patient. ..."

      Excerpts from; The Art of Seeing

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