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The Deeper Current of Your Life Audio Download


    A 35 minute audio download of
    God's new message on "The Deeper Current of Your Life"
    as revealed to Marshall Vian Summers
    on April 23, 2008 in Shiraz, Iran

    Listen to Marshall Vian Summer's Introduction to The Deeper Current of Your Life, 
    as recorded on April 22, 2008, in Shiraz, Iran.

    "The power and the presence of Knowledge flows like a deep current within you, but can you feel it and know it? It is like the water under the ground. The ground is arid desert, but there is fresh water flowing out of sight, out of mind, and yet it enables people to live in the most arid areas. It is like this, you see.

    The deeper current of your life is flowing, moving. It is not chaotic. It is not random. It is not meaningless. It is not disassociated from the Greater Power and Source of life, and yet you live in like a desert. The ground is parched, for it does not seem to be life giving, living on the surface, the surface of the world, where things are chaotic and clashing, where life and death is going through its relentless process—a process to which you try to give meaning, but which seems to have no inherent meaning at all, other than that it exists.

    This is the crisis of meaning for people. They are trying to give meaning to what seems to have no inherent meaning. They are trying to sanctify a life that has not yet been fulfilled or really discovered. No matter how intellectually brilliant they become in their discussions, in their ideas, in their views and theories, they are still living on the surface. This is not where the greater meaning resides. This is not where your life begins to have a real focus."

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    1. Nasi Novare Coram  star rating

      Posted by Ray_Colorado on 29th May 2016

      Over time, you will identify more and more with Knowledge because it is reliable, it is deep, and it is powerful. It is everything your intellect is not. And you will feel that your life has a greater foundation—a foundation beyond this world—and this will give you the experience of being in the world but not of the world, providing you with a sense of security and continuity and strength that nothing in the world could ever provide for you. This will give you the strength to weather and to endure and to learn from life's tragedies and disappointments, from the disappointment in other people and their tragic decisions for themselves. This will give you the strength to endure personal loss and times of great confusion and frustration.

      Here your current runs deep and is not destroyed by your outer experiences. Here your purpose remains, regardless of what happens on the outside. What happens on the outside just changes how you will try to communicate the meaning that you are experiencing within yourself.

      The outer world will require constant adaptation and problem solving—constant problems, obstacles and difficulties along the way. But you are anchored in a deeper reality now. It is not a reality that is based upon ideas or ideology. It is the power and presence of Knowledge, which is beyond estimation and definition. Here your greater gifts will emerge, and your life will be an inspiration and a great service to others, according to your original design and intent. This fulfills the need of the soul, which is your deepest and most profound need.

      Deepening Your Spiritual Practice

    2. We all have a deeper current in our lives, waiting to be discovered.  star rating

      Posted by Val on 20th Apr 2016

      Just as a water-seeker uses a divining rod, we are given clear instruction from The Teachers of God to seek and find that deeper current of life that we all have within us, God's gift of Knowledge and the real life of purpose, meaning and direction that our flowing with that Knowledge will bring.

      The pure spiritual nourishment at the heart of all religions, discovered by mystics and the Wise throughout the ages and throughout the universe, this Divine Gift is available to us all and we are blessed to be given the understanding of what this means for us and how to receive what is already ours.

      The Teachers of God present this Teaching to us in language as clear as the deeper current of our lives is pure; we are gifted a great empowerment.

      There is a great adventure of learning, maturing, of enhanced perception of what life is about and of being of service awaiting us and each of these Revelations from the Angelic Assembly propel us in our journey into a life informed by Knowledge of ourselves, the world and God.

      The Love and the Grace of God has brought this Teaching to us, revealing our birthright to us: the truly sacred--Knowledge, to nourish us and light our way into the future, God's Gift within us, that we are taught to delve for and to discover, in the deeper currents of our lives.

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