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The Determination Audio Download


    A 31 minute audio download of
    God's New Message called "The Determination"
    as revealed to Marshall Vian Summers

    on July 11, 2015 in Boulder, Colorado

    "You were born with a purpose and a mission in life—a service to perform given to you before you came, planted deep within you beneath the surface of your mind, planted deep beyond the reach of your worldly mind and intellect so that it could be preserved and not contaminated—only emerging when you are prepared and mature enough to recognize the true need for this, the true need to find your real direction in life.

    Because you are here on a mission for a greater purpose, there must be determination. This is not a personal determination. It is not willfulness or obsession or compulsion. The determination We speak of comes from a different place within you, from the deeper Knowledge God has put within you and that lives within you at this very moment."

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    1. Nasi Novare Coram  star rating

      Posted by Ray_Colorado on 25th May 2016


    2. More coaching from The Higher Authority for your life  star rating

      Posted by Val on 6th Apr 2016

      In 'The Determination', the Teachers give us another aspect of the empowering nature of Knowledge and our need for it in our lives. Like an athlete being adeptly coached before a big game, we are given an overview, as well as particular strategies for negotiating the challenges of that game--in our case, the ongoing choices and experiences of life in the world, shown to us from a higher point of view that we cannot yet see for ourselves.

      To discover this higher form of Determination, to give ourselves in life to a higher purpose, opens us to the flow of this greater Determination beyond ambition, beyond the passing fancies, hopes and dreams of our adolescent lives lost within the world, this Higher Will, this Determination provides the wind and tide for us to sail into our destiny and to live the lives that will fulfill our purpose in being here.

      This Determination brings the forward impulsion into a life of true alignment with the Will of Heaven; in other words, the higher Determination fuels our vehicle for the road ahead.

      This is another opportunity to be coached by the Angels of God. What a Blessing that is for us and when we implement this Teaching and live it, what a Blessing it is for our world. We are in the Presence of the Teachers of God.

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