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The Engine of War Audio Download

    A 43 minute audio download of
    God's new message on "The Engine of War"
    as revealed to Marshall Vian Summers
    on April 17, 2008 in Tehran, Iran


    "It is necessary, when considering the prospects for human advancement and the establishment of peaceful relationships between peoples and nations, to consider in a deeper way what creates war in the world. What is the engine of war?

    While conflicts may be initiated and condoned by political and military leaders and, in the background, by religious leaders, they represent a process of escalation of a problem that is underlying their circumstances. They are fulfilling a set of needs or requirements that are rarely discussed or acknowledged in their proclamations or admonitions.

    For the engine of war is greater than they are. They are merely the mechanism that brings war into being—that escalates it, that confirms it and condones it and gives it meaning and value, however false that meaning and value may be.

    The engine of war is produced by how people live, what they use from the Earth, what they believe they must have for themselves and their endless quest for wealth, power and acquisition—beyond the simple needs of life, beyond what they actually need to live and to be sustained with stability and security."


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    1. Comprehensive understanding of what personal and global desires fuels war  star rating

      Posted by Betty on 26th Dec 2016

      This revelation brings a greater understanding on how one can help to reduce the engine of war, but at the same time I feel I recognise some of the conditions of the world, how ones behaviour or a nation's behaviour affect other nations and/or people. It gives a greater understanding at worlds level, of how the behaviour/lifestyle of people, restrains and/or empoverish others. It also gives the solution.

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