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The First Commitment Audio Download


    43 minute MP3 audio download of
    God's New Message on "The First Commitment"
    as received by Marshall Vian Summers
    on Sep 25, 2008
    in Boulder, Colorado 

    "You have a primary relationship with God, and you experience this relationship primarily through the deeper intelligence that God has placed within you, a deeper mind within you called Knowledge. This is your most primary relationship and responsibility. It is not a relationship with a set of beliefs or with an institution. It is not necessarily a relationship with an ideology or with one religion particularly. It is really, in its purest sense, your relationship with God.

    People hold this relationship to be quite secondary—secondary to their families, secondary to their personal interests, secondary to political or cultural associations, secondary to their national identity or their cultural identity or heritage and so forth. But really this relationship is the most primary relationship, and it is your primary responsibility, or ability to respond, to this relationship.

    God speaks to you through Knowledge. That is the well of your conscience. It is not a social conscience, a conscience that has been instigated or influenced to make you behave and believe according to the dictates or the values of a particular culture. It is a far deeper conscience. It is inherent in your being. It is the foundation of your awareness. It is this that tells you what is right and what is wrong fundamentally and provides the foundation for your ethical understanding of life and your participation with others."

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    1. The Fifth day of October in the Year of 2018  star rating

      Posted by ray, ... .. . on 5th Oct 2018

      "God has put Knowledge within you to guide you, to protect you and to lead you to your greater accomplishments in life. Your intellect must be in service to this, for here you are not the master. You are an expression of something greater and being this is the greatest joy for the heart and the soul, but you must take the Steps to Knowledge, you cannot simply assume that your life is moving in the right direction. You cannot simply assume you are living your real purpose for being here. You cannot assume that your ideas and beliefs represent your deeper nature or the real truth of life, and that is why you must have the commitment and the humility to take the Steps to Knowledge, to allow this greater power to emerge within and to use all the powers of your intellect and all of your skills to assist you in receiving the great endowment of Knowledge. This is the calling. This is the power. This is your fundamental responsibility.

      Before you give yourself to the world, before you commit yourself to others, before you determine your life, you must come to Knowledge and build a connection to Knowledge and take the Steps to Knowledge. This is why you must seek the Kingdom first, the Kingdom being Knowledge.

      Before you launch yourself out into the world, Knowledge will provide the Steps and the pathway, but you must learn to listen, to relieve yourself of your constant activity and busyness and self pre-occupation, to listen to the deeper current of your life and to make this part of your daily life and your daily practice, for this is the emphasis of your spiritual practice.

      Spiritual practice is not here to give you happiness or to assure prosperity or to transcend you out of this world, it is here to connect you with the deeper current of your life. A current that is moving, that has direction that has somewhere to go. You don't know where to go, but Knowledge within you does know where to go and when you realize that, you will be able to make the real connection that will make all the difference for you and for everyone who will know you."

      The First Commitment

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