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The Great Alliance Audio Download


    A 29 minute audio download of
    God's New Message on "The Great Alliance"

    as revealed to Marshall Vian Summers
    on July 20, 2015
    in Boulder, Colorado 

    The Great Alliance - 

    Today We shall speak on The Alliance, the Great Alliance.

    There is so much to discourage you in the world. There is so much aggravation, so much violence, so much disappointment and so much uncertainty. It is so easy to fall into despair. It is so easy to doubt oneself and others. It is so easy to think the future is doomed in some way or hopeless.

    But what you must come to understand is that there is a Great Alliance, a Great Alliance that has sent you into the world, a Great Alliance that watches over you once you begin to become aware of yourself and your deeper needs.

    The Great Alliance is not based upon world events. It is not a product of this world, or any other world. It represents the reality from which you have come and to which you will return eventually.


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    1. We Are Members of the Great Alliance  star rating

      Posted by Valerie on 5th Jun 2016

      Once again The Angelic Assembly steps in from their Greater Context, to share important information about our true nature that we could not discover for ourselves as we are, from our lives within the confines of life on Earth.

      For us to know that we are integral to a Great Association, that we are members of a Great Alliance, that we have significant, real identity beyond the limitations of our lives in this world, gives us a perspective, a place to stand and to learn to know from, while we are still here functioning as members of our adolescent and emerging race, at this great crossroads for humanity.

      This great Blessing of being recipients of a true and real Higher Education continues for us, so that we may live from and with the Knowledge that emerges as a function of this Teaching and so that we may share in gifting this Knowledge from the Divine to our people and our world, where it is needed now.

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