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The New Message on Fulfillment Audio Download



    A 48 minute audio download of
    God's New Message called "The New Message on Fulfillment"
    as revealed to Marshall Vian Summers

    on August 24, 2007 in Boulder, Colorado


    "It must be understood that your role and position in the world is not simply to garner a future reward. If you are a good person, you go to heaven; if you are a bad person, you go to hell. That is not the truth at all. That is what people think because they want to be rewarded for good behavior, and they want to punish others for their bad behavior. 

    "In reality, everyone is sent to the world to work. And everyone comes to the world to work because they want to come to the world to work. You leave a place of peace and equanimity into a world of division and con¥å‰ict where God is unknown, where truth is unknown, where people live lives based upon personal fear and ambition in a world where survival is dif¥åcult and nature is harsh and exacting.

    "If you are living a life according to this purpose and mission, even if it has not yet been fully revealed to you, you will feel a sense of integrity in your life. You will feel a sense of abiding purpose. And you will experience grace.

    "If you are not living this life, if you are not close to living this life, then you will feel confusion, anxiety, frustration, anger and resentment and you may attach yourself to radical ideas, politics or religion. You may associate yourself with radical groups. You may give yourself to political causes. You may immerse yourself in addictions or aberrant behavior. But your fundamental problem is you are not aligned with the purpose that has brought you into the world, a purpose that only Knowledge, the deeper intelligence within you, knows and holds for you."

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