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The Requirements of the Messenger Audio Download


    A 39 minute Audio Download of God's New Message
    "The Requirements of the Messenger"
    as received by Marshall Vian Summers
    on March 12, 2013 in Boulder, Colorado

    "Surely one who is called and prepared to bring a New Message from God into the world must have a long and very challenging preparation. It is the preparation an individual could not initiate for themselves. It must be a calling from Heaven itself. It must be administered by Heaven itself. It must take the one chosen from their former life and state of mind into a new life and a far greater state of mind over a period of time. It is a preparation with many challenges and many tests. It is not a journey any individual could invent for themselves for their own edification or self-proclamation, though many have tried, and certainly others in the future will try as well.

    God’s Messenger is no ordinary person. God’s Messenger is not simply someone who was called out of the crowd and given an important task in life, or to carry an important message, like a postman. It is someone who must come from the Angelic Presence itself and be initiated into the world, and be given time to develop as a human being facing the pleasures and the hazards and the disappointments of living in Separation.

    It must be one of the Angelic Assembly who can do such a task. So never think that God’s Messenger is simply some witless person who was chosen and burdened with a great and important mission. No, indeed. This individual would have to have unique qualities and a greater association to be able to assume such a pivotal and important role in life. For here failure is incredibly damaging, not only to the one chosen but to all of humanity. For if the Message cannot be received correctly and interpreted and communicated correctly, then it will have been corrupted. It would be incomplete."


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