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The Return Audio Download


    A 31 minute Audio Download of
    God's New Message on "The Return"
    Received by Marshall Vian Summers
    on August 5, 2013 in Boulder, Colorado

    "The return is a key turning point, and though it might seem inconsequential and slight at the outset, a very fragile beginning, if you will stay with this, if you will honor this, if you will follow what the deeper Knowledge within you is guiding you to do, if you will stop pretending about your life and indulging yourself in things that have no promise or destiny, then the return will begin to build momentum and become stronger with each decision that you make in alignment with it.

    It is like a revolution on the inside, where something greater is going to take over, greater in you—more real, more powerful, more essential. And all that is false and fragmentary and temporary is overshadowed by this greater force and power that God has put within you, awaiting the time when you would come to your senses, waiting for a time of a deeper recognition, when a greater power and a greater destiny could emerge within you.

    This is what Heaven waits for, you see. All that happened previous to this is really inconsequential except that it could have led you so far astray that the turning point might never happen. To prevent this, counsel has been given to you previously, but your mind was so obsessed and taken up that it is like you did not hear it or feel it sufficiently to heed its warnings, to follow its recommendations.

    So Heaven waits for the beginning of the return and the meaning of the return for you. You will not understand it at the outset. And you will not understand it for a long time to come, but you follow this because it is natural and essential and comes from the most reliable part of you, beyond the realm and the reach of the intellect."


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    1. The 22nd day of September in the Year of 2018  star rating

      Posted by ray, ... .. . on 22nd Sep 2018

      "At a certain point in your life if you are really honest with yourself and with your circumstances and agreements with others you will come to a point where your life will begin to change fundamentally. This change will happen on the inside first because it is born of a deeper recognition. The recognition that you are not living the life you are meant to live and that you are not fulfilling the greater purpose that has brought you into the world.

      This stands in great contrast to your former emphasis which is one of acquisition and advancement according to your ideas and the ideas of your culture and nation. Now something really different has happened. An awakening has begun an awakening to a deeper realm within yourself a deeper experience and though it may seem momentary and fragmentary at this point it is enough to initiate a great shift in your life.

      This is the beginning of The Return the return to relationship and communication the return to your connection with those who sent you into the world and with a greater purpose that has brought you here a purpose that cannot be realized through intellectual inquiry alone for it lives within you at this moment waiting to be discovered.

      This has to do with your relationship with God and your Spiritual Family who sent you here it has to do with a deeper responsibility and accountability that exceeds that which you assume with others around you even with your family even with your nation for your greater commitment is to creation to God for this is what has brought you into the world fundamentally ."

      The Return

      Nasi Novare Coram
      ... .. .

    2. Your Journey in Serving the World  star rating

      Posted by Hilary Canto on 4th Apr 2018

      The Return is a powerful teaching to reach into the core of our being for us to recognise the deeper yearnings of our heart and soul. It is the beginning of the recognition of why we came here, our purpose for this world and our pathway in the return to God. The deeper voice within us calling us to change our life and return to who we really are.
      I found this audio a very deep reminder of who I am, where I must go and why I must focus on Steps to Knowledge with perseverance and determination. The Return is the homecoming to the call of our heart and our contribution to this world.

    3. The Return  star rating

      Posted by Damien Le Goff on 13th Apr 2017

      "The return will become stronger with each decision that you make in alignment with it." This has been my experience, through an ever growing sense of certainty and direction in my life that stands in sharp contrast with what I was living before.

    4. Nasi Novare Coram  star rating

      Posted by Ray_Colorado on 25th May 2016

      This is the gift to you. This is how God restores you without overwhelming you. This is how God connects with you without creating great confusion. This is how God nourishes you. You need this nourishment now. You know it is true. Come to be with Grace.

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