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The Spiritual Fire Audio Download


    27 minute audio download of
    God's new message on "The Spiritual Fire"
    as revealed to Marshall Vian Summers
    on February 13, 2013
    in Boulder, Colorado

    The Spiritual Fire - "Within you, deep within you, beneath the surface of the mind, in a place you barely know, there is a fire, a spiritual fire. It is the source of your inspiration. It is the fire of Knowledge, the deeper mind within you—burning like a hearth; consuming your errors, your pain; purifying you; blessing you; guiding you.

     But you are far away from this hearth—living at the surface, the turbulent surface of your mind; living at the surface of the world, with all of its tragedies, inducements and misfortunes; busy caught up in things; stimulated but agitated, driven on by your life and your needs and your possessions and the requirements of others. You do not feel this fire though it is burning within you.

     As a creature of the earth, your heart will continue to beat; your body will work. But these things cannot produce the desire to create, the desire to establish true relationships, the desire for meaning and the search for meaning. These must come from the deeper incentive that lives within you, deep down within you. This comes from the fire. For the fire is the engine of your greater life."


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    1. A Presence  star rating

      Posted by Hilary Canto on 12th Apr 2018

      This is a must audio for recognising and developing the spiritual fire within, listening to it, feeling it and yielding to its presence.

      Once recognised this fire guides and calms, strengthens and inspires, and ignites the power of knowledge within you. The power of Gods Love within you.

      This is the Spiritual Fire

    2. Nasi Novare Coram  star rating

      Posted by Ray_Colorado on 10th Nov 2016

      God has given you Knowledge to guide you to bless you to protect you and to prepare you for a greater life of fulfillment and contribution in the world. This Knowledge has a fire, a power, a potency to it. Strong enough it is to overcome your inhibitions, to move you to do certain things or to hold you back from things that will harm you, distract you or to lead your life in a dangerous direction.
      More powerful than your ideas it is more powerful than your fixed beliefs more powerful than all the fixed beliefs in the world put together is the power of Knowledge within you.
      And this fire is its power.
      For it is the fire of love.
      It is the fire of courage.
      It is the fire of determination.
      It is the fire of compassion and forgiveness.
      It is the fire that purifies all things that are impure and harmful within you.
      When you begin to take The Steps to Knowledge and to learn how to feel your life beneath the surface of your mind you will begin to feel the warmth and the strength the potency of this fire.
      And it will give you courage ... and it will restore you ... and it will take you away from your fear and anxiety.

      The Spiritual Fire

    3. The Spiritual Fire  star rating

      Posted by Donald Panza on 7th Jul 2013

      I have found this revelation to be very effective at recentering my focus. The confusion that develops on a daily basis from influences to the physical mind are dissipated as I allow this Spiritual Fire to grow.
      This was so much needed after I attended a ufo awareness day sponsored by MUFONpa on July 6. I had a chance to talk to an individual who was abducted several times over the course of his life. His experiences of dealing with this are an on going concern. The memories are usually buried away as the burden of thier reality are far more than an individual is able to handle.
      The Spiritual Fire was an excellent way of releasing the fears and anxieties felt from listening to his experience.

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