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The Veil of the Messenger Audio Download


    37-minute audio download of
    God's new message on "The Veil of the Messenger"
    as received by Marshall Vian Summers
    on December 7, 2012
    in Boulder, Colorado 

    The Veil of the Messenger - " A great Messenger is now in the world, but he is hidden, you see. He is hidden behind an invisible veil—a veil of normalcy, a veil of ordinariness, a veil of simplicity. He is not an individual who will stun and amaze everyone around him. He will walk amongst the people and be unrecognized in the crowd, just another person— interesting perhaps in certain respects, but not outstanding in any way that most people recognize.

    In this regard, he is like all the other Messengers who were very ordinary looking, who could disappear in a crowd. In spite of all the stories and miracles and wonderment that surround the earlier Messengers in ancient times, they were very ordinary looking people. They did not amaze and stun everyone who saw them. Perhaps they were confounding, and they were certainly different, particularly as their greater role began to emerge. Then they became really distinct."


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    1. Recognition  star rating

      Posted by Mirjana on 25th Sep 2013

      This Revelation is one of the Revelations which makes me recall my own personal experience of the call from Heaven, that I have had.
      I have had two and the Veil of the Messenger speaks to my first experience and my time of more than 20 years of life and results of that time and where I found myself when it happened again the second time, which was during the winter and untill June, 2009.
      I recall the interview that I saw in January 2012, when I heard and saw Marshall Vian Summers for the first time. After one hour of watching it and listening to what he was speaking about, there came a moment when he said something, the way he said it... and for the first time, after more than twenty years of my life, I saw a person, onother one (besides me), like that... He has THE BURDEN, THAT burden... that`s all...
      I had pain during that time, the rests of the pain that did not go away after June 2009, just seemed more remote than how it was, when most intense, but impossible to escape, always there. I kept myself together just day by day untill that time of January 2012.
      Soon after, I was reading the New Message from God and things were starting to find their right place, one of the things that I repeated to myself so many times during those years in lonelyness, when it felt hard; I must endure, see things start to fall into their right place, the joy of that small, remote, but so strong dream? or something so real that will start to make Everything different, totaly different, the whole world, like that part which is a pure blessing for me, on the opposite side there.
      I believe that the veil is something that can hurt so much, for it itself can not be moved for one nano partical, while the forces around from all directions blow like storms.
      It is not strange then, that the breaking point is so close.
      That was how I started to shout up and beg for mercy in the misery. It was how it was for me, when strange things started to happen and I allmost collapsed in June 2009. It was different than the first time. I thought I was observing my own slow death in deep misery, for intense, four months, untill I was defeated and cought and left with echoes of the inner voices for more than two years.
      I will be on the Step 365 tomorrow. To whom can I express the truth of the blessings of my life... I think that I can now...

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