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The Watchtower Audio Download


    A 47 minute audio download of
    God's new message on "The Watchtower"
    as revealed to Marshall Vian Summers
    on Feb 17, 2009 in Boulder, CO

    "It is very tragic that people are so unaware of what is happening around them, so preoccupied they are with their own thoughts, problems and concerns. It is a remarkable thing that the most intelligent creature should be functioning in such an unintelligent manner. For the animals in the field and the birds in the air are always watching their environment, always checking to see where things stand. Of course, they must do this to survive. But [for] humanity, so long sheltered in the wealthy nations from the vicissitudes of life and so reliant upon authority figures to define reality and to provide insulation, much of this natural ability and acuity has been lost.

    This is not living in fear. This is simply being aware—aware of your environment; aware of what is going on around you; aware of the thoughts, feelings and attitudes of the people you associate with or whom you work with—a careful discernment, an objective discernment, of what is happening around you.

    This discernment is very important because it gives you a forewarning of future problems. It tells you who in your environment is trustworthy and who in your environment is aware themselves. You become aware of the dynamics between people who work together. And most importantly, you are able to respond to Knowledge within yourself as you perceive the world around you."


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    1. Extremely useful  star rating

      Posted by Benjamin Davis on 27th Oct 2018

      This Revelation, like all of the New Message From God Revelations, is extremely powerful. I find this one to be so useful in my daily life. To retreat into my watchtower where I am not separate from life, but I have the space to be still within and consider life, is extremely helpful.
      This is a practice I recommend to anyone who struggles coping with the dynamic environment of life.

    2. Nasi Novare Coram  star rating

      Posted by Ray_Colorado on 16th Aug 2016

      Here you emerge out of the isolation of your own thinking and are able to gain the strength and the courage to face life directly to consider whatever is emerging over the horizon no matter how difficult it may seem. You become really honest with yourself about where you are in life who you are with and what you are doing, unwilling now to waste this precious opportunity to be in the world, to misapplications of any kind.

      This is so very important you see this is what gives your mind clarity and power this is what enables Knowledge to shine through and it is a very interesting thing you see if you are able to sit with anyone who is really Wise you will see they are always listening and watching they are paying attention fully. Everyone else is chattering away or running around mindlessly foolishly without any self awareness but the Wise are watching and listening and paying attention.

      They are aware of their inner experience they are aware of their environment they are aware of who they are talking to they are really engaged with being here in the world at this time and they are experiencing a quality of life that escapes everyone else and they are dodging mistakes and avoiding hazards unlike everyone else and they are able to fully engage with people and to experience a depth of relationship that escapes everyone else.

      They look at the world to see where they must go and what they must do with an inner freedom that is unknown to everyone else.

      The Watchtower

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