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What Happens After Death Audio Download


    51:30 minute MP3 audio download of
    God's new message on "What Happens After Death"
    as revealed to Marshall Vian Summers
    on July 11, 2008
    in Boulder, Colorado

    What Happens After Death - "What happens after death? Many people of course wonder and marvel and even anticipate what kind of reality they will face after they leave this world. In fact, the emphasis on this is the foundation for the world’s religions, for somehow it seems too incredible and too unreal to think that this life, with all of your intelligence and capabilities, would cease when your body ceases to function. Somehow, this seems to be a contradiction. It is not merely that it is a fear or an anxiety. It is a contradiction. For you were born with a spark of awareness, and you will leave this world with a spark of awareness.

    The mystery surrounding this and the many philosophies and the great speculation that surrounds this, continues to perplex people everywhere. In fact, this is a great concern throughout the Greater Community of life in the universe. It is not a preoccupation for human beings alone."


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    1. Shattering illusions of the Afterlife  star rating

      Posted by Hilary Canto on 3rd Apr 2018

      This is really amazing! It shatters all illusions we have had about after death, but also gives us a great blessing . Much has already been said in other reviews. I highly recommend this because it gives you a new life here too by understanding what your life means here and where you will go after death.
      The body is a vehicle for life here to do what we came to do, once we leave, we lose that vehicle and we have a new life beyond in a very different way to what is taught in spirituality and general religion. A life changing audio.

    2. best ever  star rating

      Posted by ALEN JOSHY on 7th Sep 2017

      This is definitely the best ever explanation I've ever heard on this. Of course the reality of spiritual family is a great secret here. I have listened to the recording multiple times to let it really sink in. Of course this also supports the views of hinduism, world's oldest religion. But still then who are these saints? There afterlife must be different probably into the angelic assembly of our world. But again are all saints really there? Is this declaration of sainthood in christianity is it good or unwise? These are some of the questions which are still there for me.

    3. Answered my questions  star rating

      Posted by Brenda Trinidad on 28th Aug 2017

      So glad this info was available to me. I shared with my partner who just lost her Dad. It was re-assuring and wonderful to receive. . Thank you.

    4. Nasi Novare Coram  star rating

      Posted by Ray_Colorado on 15th Nov 2016

      " ... when you leave this world you leave the body behind and you leave a great deal of your thoughts and thinking plans and goals schemes attitudes that all go with the body because, well, you have no context for them now but you still have a mind you still have a worldly mind.

      If you enter into this phase with a greater state of awareness with the minimum of discord and conflict you will encounter your Spiritual Family who will give you your next assignments, which may happen within the same world or somewhere else within the greater community of life in the universe.

      Generally people return to the same world but this is not always the case. Once you are complete being in physical reality then this mind that keeps you connected to life at this level is no longer part of your experience now you are functioning at the level of pure Knowledge and your individuality becomes a light in the universe.

      Now you shine like a star … "

      What Happens After Death

    5. Kudos  star rating

      Posted by Josh on 6th Aug 2013

      This is excellent. Recommended to anyone and everyone especially if you are curious about death and the afterlife! But it is so much more than that. It gave me some much direction and greater understanding of life and why I need to be here on earth. It truly was paradigm shift listening to this!

    6. The shift in perspective we Need  star rating

      Posted by Lauren on 26th Aug 2012

      This is an essential teaching for any student and any human living here now! My perspective has shifted permanently in ways I can not explain since giving this a few listens. What you think you know and how you identify with your body, thoughts, and beliefs will change forever for the the good! It is hard to grasp a lot of what is being offered in this teaching, but it is so important to try and try again. The great thing is that once again, the solution is offered. Take the Steps to Knowledge. This teaching also aided in quieting my mind with regard to the departed and my fantasies about What Happens After Death. PLEASE download this and get that change in perspective that we on this Earth Need. It is truly amazing.

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