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Wisdom from the Greater Community: Volume 1

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    Wisdom from the Greater Community: Volume 1, How to Live with Certainty, Strength & Wisdom in an Emerging World, is a wise and compassionate guide for discovering the New Message teaching on the power of relationship and inner certainty in everyday life. Wisdom I speaks to that persistent feeling that there is something important to do in life. It provides a Greater Community perspective on topics ranging from “Marriage” and “Achieving Peace” to “Provoking Change” and “World Evolution”. Wisdom I cuts through the uncertainty and confusion of our time to enable you to find and to follow what you have always known.


    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1:Greater Religion

    Chapter 2:Relationships & Sexuality

    Chapter 3:Greater Community

    Chapter 4:Trust

    Chapter 5:Marriage

    Chapter 6:Health

    Chapter 7:Freedom

    Chapter 8:Preparing for the Future

    Chapter 9:Spiritual Truths

    Chapter 10:Service in the World

    Chapter 11:Power & Responsibility

    Chapter 12:Love

    Chapter 13:Spiritual Community

    Chapter 14:World Evolution

    Chapter 15:Giving I

    Chapter 16:Giving II

    Chapter 17:Mastery

    Chapter 18:Higher Education

    Chapter 19:Fulfillment

    Chapter 20:Inner Listening

    Chapter 21:Enduring Happiness

    Chapter 22:Escaping Suffering

    Chapter 23: Forgiveness

    Chapter 24: Happiness in the World

    Chapter 25 Escaping Fear

    Chapter 26: Stillness

    Chapter 27: Disappointment

    Chapter 28: Using Power for Good

    Chapter 29: Faith and Fear

    Chapter 30: Perception

    Chapter 31: Healing

    Chapter 32: Achievement

    Chapter 33: Provoking Change

    Chapter 34: Religion as Education

    Chapter 35: Achieving Peace


    Join the Free School of the New Message

    The Free School is a global community of people studying the New Message from God and sharing it with others.  The School offers an environment of individual study, study partnerships, international gatherings, broadcast events and community interaction to deepen our experience of the New Message and connect us with others around the world.

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    1. Review for Wisdom From The Creator Community One  star rating

      Posted by Amina on 19th Dec 2016

      I have read couple chapters form this book which are available online and was eager to order the rest and read. I live in Russia and all the books i have ordered arrived promptly and fast. It was so nice to receive a message in Russian from the community.
      I am truly influenced and amazed by the whole message by Marchall Vian Summers and have no words to express my gratitude for everyone involved in delivering this message to the public. No message or book has ever touched me like this one and looking forward to the new upcoming books.Amina

    2. Day to Day Challenges  star rating

      Posted by Maurice on 15th Mar 2014

      When your life is confronted with indecision, guilt due to actions you took, low self esteem, depression, disappointment,unrighteous dominion, fear,enslavement,or just plain unhappiness you can use this book to basically straighten out any condition you come across by simply referring to it. Naturally the book makes it easy for you to access what you need to help. It is well written that even if you are just learning to speak English there aren't any difficult words in it to discourage you from reading it.

    3. Priceless!  star rating

      Posted by R. Hobbs on 12th Feb 2014

      Simply a "must" read.
      "Wisdom from the Greater Community Vols. 1 & 2"

      Currently on third reading and still enjoying every page.

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