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人类的盟友 第一部 - The Allies of Humanity Book 1 - (Chinese ebook)

SKU: ebook - 978-1-884238-81-9
    "人 类盟友简报”呈现了一个令人震惊的新启示,它是关于隐秘的外星人干预,以及它如何利用人类冲突、宗教争端和环境崩溃,来进一步分化和掌控 一个分裂的人类家 庭。干预力量在一个史无前例的变迁时代从我们世界外到来,这代表着人类历史上的最重大事件,和对人类生存和自由的最巨大挑战。
    这一来自我们宇宙中 盟友的开创性的公报,正在全世界流传着,它代表着对人类力量、团结和作为一个自由族群迈进智能生命大社区的深切召唤。
    The Allies of Humanity Briefings present a startling new revelation about the hidden extraterrestrial Intervention and how it is taking advantage of human conflict, religious strife and environmental collapse to further separate and control a divided human family. The arrival of intervening forces from beyond our world at a time of unprecedented change represents the greatest event in human history and the greatest challenge to humanity's survival and freedom.
    This groundbreaking communique from our allies in the Universe, which is now circulating worldwide, presents a profound calling for human strength, unity and our emergence as a free race into a Greater Community of intelligent life.


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