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There must be a revolution in thinking. And it is towards this that the books of the New Knowledge Library are major contributors, for they speak of the Future. They speak of Destiny. In this they are prophetic.

New Knowledge Library (NKL) is the publishing imprint of The Society for The New Message, a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and presenting the New Message from God in the world. NKL was established in 1990 to preserve for present and future generations, the sacred books, writings and recordings of the New Message and to publish these texts in many languages through both digital and print mediums, including CDs, mp3s, printed artwork and booklets. 

NKL is a unique reader-supported, non-profit independent publishing company, which depends on contributions from students & readers to sustain its mission and to grow its audience and outreach. All proceeds from the sale of books, CDs, audio downloads and events are used by The Society to further the work of making this message available to people worldwide.

If for some reason you are not able to afford to purchase the books of the New Message and feel a strong need to study them, please contact The Society to receive free books through our Free Book Project. Please also visit www.newmessage.org where you will find numerous written and audio teachings, selected chapters as well as the entire books available at no cost.

At present, 13 books have been formally published, with the remainder 14 awaiting funding before publication.

Questions or comments? Contact us at nkl@greatercommunity.org


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