(CD Set) Relationships and Higher Purpose: New Wisdom for a Changing World

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This is a CD.

Relationships and Higher Purpose is a lifelong resource for discovering and developing the primary relationships that are essential to your experience of “Higher Purpose” in life.

The set includes:
1. Healing Relationships
2. Love and Relationships (also available as a single CD)
3. Sex and Sexuality

This series of teachings brings fresh insight and practical wisdom to the major challenges we all face in relationships:

  • Finding your true partner in life
  • Sex and sexual engagement
  • Preparing for marriage and partnership 
  • Healing past trauma
  • Cultivating intimacy and trust
  • Joining with others for a higher purpose

Part of a vast revelation called the New Message, these teachings provide a revolutionary new pathway for achieving success and fulfillment in relationships. Both deeply profound and immediately applicable, Relationships and Higher Purpose opens before us a journey of self-discovery, renewal and purposeful contribution to a world in need.

This 3-cd set is the companion to the book Relationships and Higher Purpose, available from the publisher here at newknowledglibrary.org

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