Expanding Your Steps Practice

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43 minute audio CD on
"Expanding Your Steps Practice" 
by Marshall Vian Summers
recorded on February 3, 2000 

Expanding Your Steps Practice - "This is a special message to all students of the Greater Community Way—those who are studying the Steps to Knowledge. Recently I realized that in practicing Steps, that I may have been missing one of the most important elements of all. And this element is actually not written in the Steps that are given in Steps to Knowledge. This missing element really has to do with what Knowledge has been teaching us all along and the important lessons that we have learned through often difficult and painful experiences—lessons which are meant to guide and protect us, to show us what we need to do and what we must not do in order to take a safe journey through the world."



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    Now every day will be an adventure in discovering Knowledge

    Posted by LW on 7th Nov 2013

    Thank you so much, dear Marshall, for sharing your insights on the very questions I, too, have been asking myself since starting the Steps study, namely, what have I really learned from Knowledge in my life? And, how do I tell it apart from what my personal mind is telling me? There was an "a-ha" moment when I listened to your talk on the missing element. It was so comforting to realize I really have been receiving guidance from Knowledge. Now that you've taught me how to recognize and capture it, every day will be an exciting adventure!