God's New Message for the World's Religions

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30 minute audio CD
"God's New Message for the World's Religions"
As revealed to Marshall Vian Summers

January 23, 2015

in Jerusalem, Israel

God's New Message for the World's Religions - "Today We shall speak on God’s New Revelation and the world’s religions.

First, you must understand that God has initiated all the great religions of the world, and in each case has sent a Messenger from the Angelic Assembly to initiate these traditions at the outset.

All the great Messengers have come from the Assembly, so they are intrinsically united, you see. They have all been sent by the Source, your Source and the Source of all the world’s religions.

But living in Separation, people have separated the religions from one another and even internally—separating everything that was meant to be united, misunderstanding the meaning and the value of the Messengers and what they were really presenting.

But this limitation is understood by God, for you cannot understand God’s Greater Plan for the world living for the moment. Living in Separation, you cannot yet see the greater panorama of things. For each religion was meant to be a building block in humanity’s development and evolution, preparing humanity for a future that would be unlike the past.

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