Preparing for the Great Waves of Change CD

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44 minute audio CD of
God's new message on "Preparing for the Great Waves of Change" 
as revealed to Marshall Vian Summers
on July 27, 2007
in Boulder, Colorado

Preparing for the Great Waves of Changes- "Great change is coming to the world, change unlike anything humanity as a whole has ever seen before, Great Waves of change all converging at this time. For humanity has impacted the world in so many ways and the results of that impact are now gathering—gathering strength, gathering force, converging at a time when humanity is largely unaware and unprepared. These Great Waves are not one event. They are not one single thing that happens at one time only. For humanity has set in motion forces of change now that it must contend with on an ongoing basis. For you are now living in a world of declining resources, a world whose climate has been seriously affected, a world whose ecological condition is deteriorating, a world where humanity will have to face the prospects of great shortages of food and water and the risks of disease and illness on avery large scale, even affecting the wealthy nations of the world. The balance has now been tipped and changed, and the human family as a whole must unite and gather together to deal with these great challenges."



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