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Each year The Society must raise $300,000 to meet its annual operating costs. Approximately 8% of this is raised through book and CD sales and events. The remaining 92% comes from those who read, study and listen to the Voice of the New Message from God.

This money is used for a wide range of endeavors from book publishing to offering the Free School, from international outreach to website building, from the cameras that record and broadcast our events, to the sanctuary in Boulder, Colorado that welcomes you home as students of the New Message, all the way down to the very audio recorder used by the Messenger to capture the original revelations.

The New Message and its Messenger must reach the world. But the world is a hard place to reach.

To accomplish this, we have a vision: 300 people, giving approximately $100 per month. 300 people, each a pillar upholding the New Message and its emergence in the world. This is a select community of givers who have been called to the New Message.

Every level of giving is needed. Every level of giving is honored. Whatever the amount, you are joining a select community of givers who are bringing a New Message Revelation to the world.


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    Supporting The Society with my Heart: The Most Important Task in the World

    Posted by I love you on 25th Jun 2017

    I am supportive of the wonderful work “The Society of the New Message from God” and all the people around are doing to bring the New Revelation from God to the world and humanity. To a needy world and to a needy humanity. It is a monumental task. It is a monumental task The Society is facing, however it is paramount for humanity that sufficient people know about the New Message from God: humanity is facing its greatest challenges ever (contact with intelligent life in the universe and living in a declining world of transition). Having myself worked in NGO´s I am aware how difficult it is to operate successfully with very limited financial means and with volunteers only. This work is without a doubt the most important task any organization (including corporations) in the world is performing. Seeing and realizing that, has prompted in me the desire to support The Society with a donation. I only had to decide between living a life in fantasy or living a True life “Shall I go on hold or shall I support The Society?”. I decided for the latter. I am very far away of being rich, but consider myself being so in my heart. It is a great pleasure and honor for me to support with my donation The Society and contribute so to this divine cause.