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The New World is part of a living communication from God to humanity. Remarkably, you have found the New Message from God, or it has found you. It is no coincidence that this is the case. This opens the next chapter in the mystery of your life and of your presence in the world at this time. The door opens before you. You need only enter to begin.

As you enter more deeply into the Revelation, the impact on your life will grow, bringing a greater experience of clarity, inner certainty and true direction to your life. In time, your questions will be answered as you find growing freedom from self-doubt, inner conflict and the restraints of the past. Here the Creator of all life is speaking to you directly, revealing to you the greater life that you were always destined to live.

Though it appears to be a book in the hand, The New World is something far greater. It is a calling and a communication from the Heart of God to you. In the pages of this book, God’s Presence calls to you and to all people, calling for you to awaken from the dream and nightmare of living in Separation apart from your Source, calling to the presence of “Knowledge,” the deeper spiritual Intelligence that lives within you, waiting to be discovered.


T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S


Chapter 1 - Entering the New World
Chapter 2 - The Great Warning
Chapter 3 - The Global Emergency
Chapter 4 - The Plight of Humanity
Chapter 5 - The Race to Save Human Civilization
Chapter 6 - Standing at the Precipice
Chapter 7 - Facing Planetary Instability
Chapter 8 - The Battleground 
Chapter 9 - Building Global Security
Chapter 10 - Preventing Collapse and the Wars of Desperation
Chapter 11 - The Great Transition
Chapter 12 - The Shock of the Future
Chapter 13 - Being Centered in a Crashing World
Chapter 14 - Resilience
Chapter 15 - The Vision
Chapter 16 - The Future of Humanity

Important Terms 
The Story of the Messenger
The Voice of Revelation
About The Society for the New Message from God
About the Worldwide Community of the New Message from God


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