The Allies Of Humanity: Book 2 (Legacy Print Book)

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The Allies of Humanity - Human Unity, Freedom and the Hidden Reality of Contact is being presented to prepare people for a whole new reality that is largely hidden and unrecognized in the world today. It provides a new perspective that empowers people to face the greatest challenge and opportunity that we, as a race, have ever encountered. The Allies Briefings contain a number of critical if not alarming statements about the growing extraterrestrial intervention and integration into the human race and about the extraterrestrial activities and hidden agenda. The purpose of the Allies Briefings is not to provide hard evidence about the reality of the ET visitation to our world, which is already well documented in many other fine books and research journals on the subject. The purpose of the Allies Briefings is to address the dramatic and far-reaching implications of this phenomenon, to challenge our human tendencies and assumptions regarding it and to alert the human family to the great threshold we now face. The Briefings provide a glimpse into the reality of intelligent life in the Universe and what Contact will really mean. For many readers, what is revealed in the Allies of Humanity will be entirely new. For others, it will be a confirmation of things they have long felt and known.  


Table Of Contents:

The Allies Briefings:

First Briefing: The Universe Into Which You are Emerging

Second Briefing: Why the Intervention is Occurring 

Third Briefing: The Influence Upon Humanity

Fourth Briefing: The Collectives

Fifth Briefing: What They Want

Sixth Briefing: A Call to Action

Teachers’ Commentaries: 

First Commentary: The Problem of Human Denial
Second Commentary: Effects of the Pacification Program
Third Commentary: Understanding the Intervention

A Message from Marshall Vian Summers

A New Hope in the World

Resistance and Empowerment

Taking Action: What You Can Do

Ten Point Summary



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