Eight Assorted Black and White Ink Drawing Note Cards (blank inside)

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Eight assorted ink drawings by Ellen Mitchell of scenic Rocky Mountain National Park landmarks. (5 ½ x 8 ½ ). Blank inside.

Card 1 - Fall River

“You can sing about the mountain of life or you can climb the mountain of life.”

 Greater Community Spirituality


Card 2 – Castle Mountain

“In getting up the mountain, you cannot do it all alone, and that is part of the blessing of going up the mountain. You have to unite with others to make the journey.”

Relationship & the Mental Environment


Card 3 – From the Valley

“Stay at the bottom of the mountain and you will never know the mountain.”

Greater Community Spirituality


Card 4 – Embracing the Mountain

“The journey is rugged. Climbing the mountain is a serious endeavor. You will have a lot of feelings about it. And you will struggle with yourself to a certain degree ~ and sometimes to a great degree ~ the struggle between what you want and what you Know ….”

Relationships & the Mental Environment


Card 5 – Long’s Peak Path

“If you were climbing a great mountain, you would need to follow a path. You cannot simply rush up its embankment. And you need a preparation that will orient you to every condition that you are going to meet.”

Wisdom from the Greater Community, Volume 2


Card 6 – Beginning the Long Journey

“This is a long journey. Everything is not going to become clear in the next few days or months. There are many steps to get up this mountain….”

 Relationships & the Mental Environment


Card 7 – Deer Mountain

“Knowledge is a great mountain. You climb it slowly and you learn to live at its higher altitudes.”

Wisdom from the Greater Community, Volume 2


Card 8 – Mount Ypsilon

“As you take the journey up the mountain yourself, you will see how much it requires, and this …. will give you compassion for others …  You will begin then to respect the formidable challenge for each person.”

Relationships & the Mental Environment


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