Step 298 - Mavran Mavran Conay Mavran - 11x14 (frame-able art)

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Step 298: "Mavran Mavran Conay Mavran"

11x14" print (frame-able art)

Artwork by Ellen Mitchell inspired by the New Message

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    Mavran Mavran Conay Mavran

    Posted by Aileen on 5th Oct 2013

    A picture is worth a thousand words! This picture demonstrates what the Celton language is saying here. It calls upon those who practice Knowledge with you in the Greater Community so that the strength of their undertaking and their great achievements may embellish all of your attempts and all of your practices as a student of Knowledge. This engages your mind with all minds. It's a quantum picture of a concept that was never taught in the education system here on earth. Thanks, Ellen, for making it easy for us to understand how doing our 'Steps' engages our minds with all minds. This is a must-have picture for your meditation space.