The Allies of Humanity: Book 1 - (English ebook)

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The Allies of Humanity - An Urgent Message About the Extraterrestrial Presence in the World Today is being presented to prepare people for a whole new reality that is largely hidden and unrecognized in the world today. It provides a new perspective that empowers people to face the greatest challenge and opportunity that we, as a race, have ever encountered. The Allies Briefings contain a number of critical if not alarming statements about the growing extraterrestrial intervention and integration into the human race and about the extraterrestrial activities and hidden agenda. The purpose of the Allies Briefings is not to provide hard evidence about the reality of the ET visitation to our world, which is already well documented in many other fine books and research journals on the subject. The purpose of the Allies Briefings is to address the dramatic and far-reaching implications of this phenomenon, to challenge our human tendencies and assumptions regarding it and to alert the human family to the great threshold we now face. The Briefings provide a glimpse into the reality of intelligent life in the Universe and what Contact will really mean. For many readers, what is revealed in the Allies of Humanity will be entirely new. For others, it will be a confirmation of things they have long felt and known.

Table of Contents

First Briefing: The Extraterrestrial Presence in the World Today

Second Briefing: The Challenge to Human Freedom

Third Briefing: A Great Warning

Fourth Briefing: Manipulation of Religious Traditions and Beliefs

Fifth Briefing: Threshold: A New Promise for Humanity

Sixth Briefing: Questions and Answers

Final Words


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    Setting the scene for the series

    Posted by Hilary Canto on 12th Apr 2018

    I was never that bothered about ET's until someone asked me to talk about them. How could I when I didn't know much? Since then I have learned and now I have learned the truth through the veil of deceit from our governments. The human family is at great risk, time is running out and if all we do is debate, discuss, become fearful and confused we will have inertia. We will not act. This book sets the scene for the series to bring home the truths of our place in the universe, the great danger we face from the intervention of forces we are not prepared for and shatters the illusions of ET's as friendly beings. Our earth is in jeopardy and our freedom as human beings is being violated and will be taken away from us. The saving grace is the Allies of Humanity are our friends, there are friendly forces in the universe to help us, however they will not land here and physically save us, it is up to us to save ourselves. You must read it and you will know the truth for yourself.

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    The answer to the Alien/UFO presence here on Earth.

    Posted by Stojan Karlusic on 11th Jun 2012

    People have been asking for the last 100 years about the UFO/Alien issue and why they are here. We don't need to spend another 100 years pondering these questions, as this book answers them all. It is time for this debate to stop. The main question now is, will you the reader, be brave enough to accept its contents and follow its recommendations? Can you face the great issue which this book brilliantly illustrates? Do you have the courage? Time will tell. Thank you Allies of Humanity!