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Living the Way of Knowledge - (English Pre-pub Print Book edition)

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    Note: This book is the pre-publication version - an 8 1/2 X 11 spiral bound manuscript, with a plain gray cover.

    LIVING THE WAY OF KNOWLEDGE is the New Message Teaching on how to bring the grace, the guidance and the power of Knowledge into the Four Pillars of your life: your relationships, your work, your health and your spiritual direction. After Steps to Knowledge, Living The Way of Knowledge contains the second great practice in learning and living the New Message from God.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: Living in an Emerging World

    Chapter 2: The Four Pillars of Life

    Chapter 3: The Pillar of Relationships

    Chapter 4: The Pillar of Health

    Chapter 5: The Pillar of Work

    Chapter 6: The Pillar of Spiritual Development

    Chapter 7: Your Relationship with Your Spiritual Family

    Chapter 8: Building Spiritual Community

    Chapter 9: Sharing The Way of Knowledge with Others

    Chapter 10: Being Present in the World

    Chapter 11: Preparing for the Future



    Chapter 3 - The Pillar of Relationships

    “Get a sense for what is essential for your life, not simply what is on your wish list or your fear list, but what is essential? Is there something in your life that you must do before you die? You must send this question deep within you and do not expect an immediate answer. You must live with this question because its answer is an experience. You must experience the answer to this question. Otherwise, the answer is just another idea amongst millions of ideas that are floating around in your mind. You already have so many answers, and they have only added to the burden of your confusion.“

    Chapter 4 - The Pillar of Health

    “If your physical body is able to carry you through life, then you have sufficient health. We must clarify this at the outset because when we talk about building the Pillar of Health, you must have some very realistic expectations. If you set expectations beyond what is necessary and essential, then you will become obsessed in this one area to the expense of your involvement in other Pillars. As we have said, all of the Four Pillars must be maintained together. Now, it is true that you will need to give more attention to one Pillar for certain periods of time than to another, but they must all be maintained. It is quite evident that people become obsessive about their physical health. Sometimes they have a legitimate cause for this because their body is simply unable to function. But here we must come back to our fundamental definition: The body’s purpose is to serve as a vehicle to enable you to carry out a greater purpose in life.”

    Chapter 5 - The Pillar of Work

    “There is a great deal of resistance to work and a great deal of resentment and misunderstanding about work. Therefore, let us start from the beginning. It is fundamental for you to understand that you have come to the world to work. This is not the world where you go to have a holiday. This is not the world where you go to take a great vacation or to have an immense amount of rest. You have come from a place of rest, but the world is a place of work and action. And you have come here to work and to take action.”

    Chapter 6 - The Pillar of Spiritual Development

    “People, of course, can become very obsessed with spiritual development, just as they can in the other Four Pillars where they are obsessed with establishing, maintaining and breaking off relationships, with maintaining or developing health, or becoming ambitious with work and trying to amass a fortune. Obsession in the realm of spiritual development, however, can be more difficult to confront and to undo because everything that is done here looks at the surface to be so edifying. But is it edifying? If spiritual practice disables a person from being able to participate effectively in life and takes them away from their fundamental responsibilities to such an extent that they become estranged from other people and estranged from their existence in the world, is this a healthy thing?”

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     The Free School is a global community of people studying the New Message from God and sharing it with others.  The School offers an environment of individual study, study partnerships, international gatherings, broadcast events and community interaction to deepen our experience of the New Message and connect us with others around the world.



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    1. A guide to wise living  star rating

      Posted by Wendy Ball on 16th Jul 2017

      It is the first time I'm seeing a book about spiritual development that is grounded not only in a realistic view of what people are confronting as members of the human family but providing guidance on building a firm foundation for a spiritual life in the context of balanced response the life challenges of work, relationship and health. This is a uniquely pragmatic spiritual text, one that I would recommend to anyone concerned with becoming a strong, healty, resiliant spiritual being.

    2. Review for The Messages  star rating

      Posted by Amina on 19th Dec 2016

      I have read couple chapters form this book which are available online and was eager to order the rest and read. I live in Russia and all the books i have ordered arrived promptly and fast. It was so nice to receive a message in Russian as well from the community.
      I am truly influenced and amazed by the whole message by Marchall Vian Summers and have no words to express my gratitude for everyone involved in delivering this message to the public. No message or book has ever touched me like this one and looking forward to the new upcoming books. Amina

    3. Living the Way of Knowledge  star rating

      Posted by Etienne on 3rd Mar 2016

      Perfect. I received the book in France a few days after ordering it. The Revelations are very profound and the chapters about the 4 pillars of life were really important for me to read. I do recommend this book along with "Relationships and Higher Purpose" (amongst so many others)

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