Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing (English Print Book)

Book - ISBN: 978-1-884238-77-2
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STEPS TO KNOWLEDGE takes you on the great journey of discovering Self Knowledge, the mysterious source of your inner power and authority. Following Knowledge within leads you to the essential relationships that you will need to find and to fulfill your purpose in life.

STEPS TO KNOWLEDGE provides the lessons and practices necessary for learning and living The New Message from God. Presented in a self-study format, it contains 365 daily steps that teach you how to see, to know and to act with the certainty and the authority that the Creator has given you. It is the consummate study in Inner Knowing.

STEPS TO KNOWLEDGE is for people who are ready to undertake their greater work in life and who realize that they are here to make a contribution to the world at this critical turning point in our history. This book is here to serve them.


Begin the journey in Steps to Knowledge today. Steps to Knowledge can be downloaded here.


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The Free School is a global community of people studying the New Message from God and sharing it with others.  The School offers an environment of individual study, study partnerships, international gatherings, broadcast events and community interaction to deepen our experience of the New Message and connect us with others around the world.


  • 5
    Steps To Knowledge

    Posted by on 16th Nov 2018

    It comes with its own easy to follow instructions. An easy but elegant way to reclaim the Knowledge that is already built in all of us. I strongly encourage everyone to follow its easy steps.

  • 5
    A gift for you - a gift for humanity (and much more we do not understand yet)

    Posted by manuel rodriguez on 18th Nov 2017

    I bought the original edition in English "Steps To Knowledge" and I have taken the path to the Inner Knowing. It is built as a 365 day self-learning course, which provides for each day a task of self-reflection, etc. However, it is recommended to exchange your own learning experiences and process with other students. Every week or so, a "review" is done that consolidate what you have learned. What is it about? It is about getting to know the path to one's own deeper Knowledge and wisdom so that one can recognize the origin of spirituality. The inner guidance and certainty will be experienced so that you will know in time in every situation in your life what is true and what is not true, this gives you strength, direction, protection and certainty. Also, the Higher purpose of why we are on earth at this time and what we are will be recognized. Some of the steps are concerned with the "unlearning" of what we have learned (approx.half), which we believe to be our truths, but only based on our belief systems, conditioning, thoughts, and opinions - and which unfortunately determine our lives to our detriment. I also had to realize how little I really know and how much I believed I knew. It was not knowing it was believing. This book is for you if the earthly philosophies and religions are too little for you and you have a spiritual call and purpose and you need a broader and deeper perspective. This book is a very powerful tool that will help you recognize your mission on earth and experience your deeper truths. Existing questions answered: "Who am I?" - "Why I'm here?" – “What am I?” How is Knowledge defined? "Knowledge represents your true self, your true mind and your true relationships in the universe Given for good in the world. " Why was it written? Our world is on the threshold to enter a Greater Community Intelligent Life in the Universe around us. Therefore, a universal understanding and perspective in relationships, spirituality and the progress of mankind is required. How was this book "Steps of Knowledge" full of wisdom revealed to the teacher, Marshall Vian Summers, in the spring of 1989? It was revealed over a period of over 20 days by a group of "unseen spiritual teachers" who described themselves as "teachers of the Greater Community". Their message is universal, but their methods are unique to our time and world. It is the most valuable book I know and believe humanity can read at this time to prepare for the "Great Waves of Change". It is a wonderful gift to humanity to prepare us also for the great challenges: Contact with Intelligent Life (the problem: alien forces are already on earth and act out of the hidden to influence mankind and use the resources of the earth for themselves) and the Great Waves of Change due to the dwindling resources and destruction of the environment. I therefore recommend warmly reading the "Allies of Humanity" 1-3 books, "Life in the Universe", "The Greater Community". Parallel to the study "Steps to the knowledge" I also recommend reading "Greater Community Spirituality - A New Revelation" and "Life in the Universe" by Marshall Vian Summers, the Messenger of the New Message from God. This spiritual teaching is and will revolutionize the world for the better.

  • 5
    My Journey Has Begun

    Posted by William Summers on 3rd Jun 2017

    I began reading "Steps..." last week and purchased a journal to write my response to the questions and reviews at the end of each study. I have entitled the journal as "This is My Journey" as I am hopeful that it will be. I am facing this journey with excitement, and I've found that after only 6 days I am learning much about myself through the way the material is presented. Incredible!!!

  • 5
    Truth or Consequences

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Dec 2016

    I can't even begin to express my gratitude for all who contributed to bringing this book into being. Oh, wait, of course I can begin. If I were to write a review each time I purchased additional copies, I could mention the variety of mistakes people will make in their approach to this one-of-a-kind book. I found the book was free online and downloaded it but overlooked the introduction, which is a separate download. Don't do that. The introduction is one of the resources available to assist you with your grasp of this phenomenal work that, if you are willing, is guaranteed to prove to you that there is greatness in the world and in the whole universe and within you beyond anything you have ever been able to imagine.

  • 5
    Contribution to the world

    Posted by Damien Le Goff on 19th Nov 2016

    This book is most certainly the book which impacted my life the most. There is definitely a "before" and an "after" Steps to Knowledge in the way that I see and understand myself, others and the world. If you feel called to give something to this world and/or to help and participate in this world's evolution, this book is the greater gift you can provide for yourself.

  • 5
    5 Stars Doesn't Even Make Sense

    Posted by Michael on 4th Mar 2016

    This book is much different than five stars, for such a thing cannot capture what it does and what it is capable of doing. It is more than preferences. It has touched me very closely, especially for being a set of pages bound together with text printed on them. I feel that it teaches me things that I have needed to know and understand but I didn't know that I needed to understand them and did not have that which was required to see what was happening. I hope my experience will continue to expand with the steps and that anyone interested in the capability of their life can find satisfaction -- perhaps this book is the right one for you.

  • 5
    Steps book new size

    Posted by niko on 24th Oct 2013

    Hi, I just received the Steps book, which is smaller than the old edition. In a way it seems practical: less weight and bulk. But....the letters are smaller....maybe I'll get used to it.

  • 4
    Steps to Knowledge

    Posted by Olivier on 30th Sep 2013

    Have only started it, but I feel that this book is a key element in unveiling one's full potential.

  • 5
    there is a place and time for every thing, both digital and hard copy

    Posted by Gabriel on 26th Sep 2013

    I found myself seeing the teachings beyond the pages. What I mean by this is that the world I thought was real was destroyed, and the world that the step of knowledge opened up to me I find manifesting through out the days. Some thing happens and I will open up today's step and the relevance is undeniable.