Wisdom From The Greater Community: Vol. 1 (English Print Book)

Book - ISBN: 978-1-884238-39-4
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Wisdom from the Greater Community teaches how to live with certainty, strength and wisdom in an emerging world. It provides a new foundation for discovering who you are, why you are here and who sent you. Wisdom from the Greater Community is not based upon any world religion or philosophy. It is a teaching for living in the larger arena of life called the Greater Community. Wisdom from the Greater Community embodies a new revelation and a new way for humanity. It is being presented to spiritually prepare humanity to meet the challenge of living in the world today and to prepare for our destiny in the Greater Community. Wisdom from the Greater Community calls upon you to reclaim the great endowment of Knowledge, the Knowing Mind, and with it the greater purpose that has brought you into the world.


Table of Contents

 Chapter 1: Greater Religion

Chapter 2: Relationships & Sexuality

Chapter 3: Greater Community

Chapter 4: Trust

Chapter 5: Marriage

Chapter 6: Health

Chapter 7: Freedom

Chapter 8: Preparing for the Future

Chapter 9: Spiritual Truths

Chapter 10: Service in the World

Chapter 11: Power & Responsibility

Chapter 12: Love

Chapter 13: Spiritual Community

Chapter 14: World Evolution

Chapter 15: Giving I

Chapter 16: Giving II

Chapter 17: Mastery

Chapter 18: Higher Education

Chapter 19: Fulfillment

Chapter 20: Inner Listening

Chapter 21: Enduring Happiness

Chapter 22: Escaping Suffering

Chapter 23: Forgiveness

Chapter 24: Happiness in the World

Chapter 25: Escaping Fear

Chapter 26: Stillness

Chapter 27: Disappointment

Chapter 28: Using Power for Good

Chapter 29: Faith and Fear

Chapter 30: Perception

Chapter 31: Healing

Chapter 32: Achievement

Chapter 33: Provoking Change

Chapter 34: Religion as Education

Chapter 35: Achieving Peace


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