Wisdom from the Greater Community: Volume 2 - (English Print Book)

Book - ISBN: 978-1-884238-64-2
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WISDOM FROM THE GREATER COMMUNITY, Volume 2, How to Find Purpose, Meaning & Direction in an Emerging World, concentrates on the needs of a world in transition as the greater context for finding your contribution and resolving personal dilemmas.

It introduces the larger arena of intelligent life called the Greater Community and provides the insights and perspective necessary to prepare for a future that will be unlike anything that we have ever known. In the New Message teaching on topics ranging from “Discernment” and “Greater Community Realities” to “Courage” and “Religion as Mystery,” Wisdom II opens the way to living a greater life in a greater universe. Both Volumes of Wisdom from the Greater Community are a powerful complement to the journey in Steps to Knowledge.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Ambition
Chapter 2: Possessions
Chapter 3: Pleasure
Chapter 4: Serving Others
Chapter 5: Working with the Mind
Chapter 6: Discernment
Chapter 7: Discretion
Chapter 8: Solving Problems
Chapter 9: Honesty
Chapter 10: Greater Community Visitations
Chapter 11: Spiritual Practice
Chapter 12: Self-Expression & the Mental Environment
Chapter 13: Religion as Mystery
Chapter 14: Intelligence
Chapter 15: Responding to the Greater Community
Chapter 16: Thresholds
Chapter 17: Visitors’ Perceptions of Humanity
Chapter 18: Compassion
Chapter 19: Courage
Chapter 20: Learning from Others
Chapter 21: Devotion & Commitment
Chapter 22: Money
Chapter 23: Becoming Wise
Chapter 24: Work
Chapter 25: Environments
Chapter 26: Conflict
Chapter 27: Self-Doubt
Chapter 28: Greater Community Realities
Chapter 29: Inspiration
Chapter 30: Kindness
Chapter 31: Concentration
Chapter 32: Pride
Chapter 33: Perseverance
Chapter 34: Walking the Way of Knowledge
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  • 5
    An important book for humanity.

    Posted by Tonia Pedersen on 15th Jun 2018

    This is the second book of two. I highly recommend this as well as it describes a reality in a way not many are aware of in the world today. A "must" read.

  • 5
    Wisdom via your Internal Knowledge

    Posted by Joyanne Jeffery on 12th Nov 2012

    This book brings to the fore much wisdom and Knowledge to circumvent the world and our Inner Fears, Doubts,conflicts ect. It gives Wisdom from a Greater Community perspective, which when applied brings great peace and happiness within.