Facing the Light of Revelation - CD

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A 38 minute audio CD on Facing the Light of Revelation
as revealed to God’s Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers
on August 18, 2012
in Boulder, Colorado


Facing the Light of Revelation: "God is giving now a Message, not in parables, not in pastoral stories, not in anecdotes, but in the clearest possible words that can be translated easily and clearly into other languages, given with much repetition, given with much clarification, given with its own commentary so it does not rely upon future human commentary to define what it means for people.

God’s New Revelation is to bring you close to God and what God wants you to do, what you are here to do, and to show you how to follow what you are here to doand to discern it from all the other voices and forces and influences in your mind.

Only God could do this for every person. You cannot possibly understand this.You will bring every argument against it, but your arguments only prove you cannotunderstand how God works through people or what God intends to do. For God’s Word now is not merely for this moment, for the crisis of this day, but for the crisis 25years from now and 50 years from now and 100 years from now. That is why God has given you the Revelation about Life in the Universe, so that you can prepare for this reality. Never has anything like this ever been given to humanity before.

To face this, to receive this, to allow this to begin the process of redemption in your life, you must be willing to evaluate your life, to change your life where it is necessary, to be courageous in this regard, to be determined in this regard, to give up your other gods—your god of obligations, your god of infatuation, your god of accumulation, your other gods. Not to make you a renunciate, but to make you a person capable and free enough to undertake a greater work in service in the world."

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