Supporting God's New Revelation CD

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29 minute audio CD on
God's new message on "Supporting God's New Revelation"

as revealed to Marshall Vian Summers
February 1, 2009
in Boulder, Colorado


Supporting God's New Revelation: "The creator of all life has sent a New Message into the world. A New Message to prepare humanity for the great change that is coming to the world and to prepare humanity for its encounter with life in the universe, an encounter which will change the fate and the destiny of the human family.

This New Message has been sent to clarify the real meaning and purpose of human spirituality and the essential unity of all the world’s religions as different pathways to God that have been initiated by God and that have been changed by people.

A Messenger has been sent to deliver the New Message from God. He is a humble man, a man without social position. A man who has dedicated his life to preparing to receive the New Message, and to receive the Message over a long period of time, without recognition and without fanfare of any kind.

 He has given his life to this. He has committed his time and his resources to this. He is the one who can bring the New Message of God into the world. For he was designed and chosen for this before he came into this world. And no one can replace him in his work. And there will not be another messenger for a very long time. For God’s New Messengers come infrequently and are meant to serve the needs of humanity far into the future."

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