The Veil of the Messenger CD

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A 37-minute Audio CD
Received by Marshall Vian Summers
on December 7, 2012
in Boulder, Colorado 


The Veil of the Messenger - " A great Messenger is now in the world, but he is hidden, you see. He is hidden behind an invisible veil—a veil of normalcy, a veil of ordinariness, a veil of simplicity. He is not an individual who will stun and amaze everyone around him. He will walk amongst the people and be unrecognized in the crowd, just another person—interesting perhaps in certain respects, but not outstanding in any way that most people recognize.

In this regard, he is like all the other Messengers who were very ordinary looking, who could disappear in a crowd. In spite of all the stories and miracles and wonderment that surround the earlier Messengers in ancient times, they were very ordinary looking people. They did not amaze and stun everyone who saw them. Perhaps they were confounding, and they were certainly different, particularly as their greater role began to emerge. Then they became really distinct." 

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