The Message and the Messenger CD

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35 minute audio CD of
God's New Message on "The Message and the Messenger"
as revealed to Marshall Vian Summers
on January 26, 2008
in Estes Park, Colorado

An audio download and text are available at no cost at

The Message and the Messenger - "It is important in understanding the nature of the New Revelation that it was given to someone who was sent into the world for the purpose of receiving it. He is a man. He is not perfect. He is not magnificent according to people’s expectations, but he is the one destined to receive the New Message, and his life has been orchestrated to make this possible. He has been guided to prepare for this for a very long time without really knowing what it was for. And he had to prove himself without realizing that he was proving himself for something very significant. He had to pass tests without knowing the nature of those tests nor the meaning of success and failure.

Born into a conventional family, educated at the university, he showed few signs of the greatness of his future life. However, the restrainthe felt from committing himself to any kind of specialized career, the restraint he had to exercise regarding his relationships with others and his commitment to things in the world was with him from the start. His journey is inexplicable to anyone living in the world, for living in the world is only a partial experience of your complete reality. No matter how thorough your explanation or your theory might be, it is by definition incomplete."



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