Where Will You Place Your Faith? CD

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50 minute audio CD on
God's new message on "Where Will You Place Your Faith?"
as revealed to Marshall Vian Summers
on June 28, 2008
in Boulder, Colorado

Where Will You Place Your Faith?- "Faith is important if it is built upon experience. Without experience as its foundation, faith becomes merely a hope, and hope alone is weak. It does not have the power to face disappointment and uncertainty sufficiently.
To have faith in God will depend upon one’s expectations. What do you expect from God? What do you want from God? What are you willing to give to God? Though faith itself can cover a broad range of experience, its value can be determined, then. upon what the motives are behind it, what the expectations are and what one expects or even demands of God.
People are very disappointed in God because certain expectations are not met. These individuals have experienced loss, the loss of loved ones or disappointment and failure. They have experienced tragedy, and now their notion and their confidence that God exists is shaken and sometimes even destroyed.
People will have faith in something because to have faith is natural. If they do not have faith in God, they will have faith in something else that takes the place of God. They may have faith in their government. They may have faith in the economy. They may have faith in industry. They may have faith in themselves and their abilities. They may have faith in certain individuals. They may have faith in nature. But whatever it is, they will have faith. To be without faith is to be without relationship, and to be without relationship is to live in hell."

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