Secrets of Heaven - (English Print Book)

Book - ISBN: 978-1-884238-16-1
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ENTER THE MYSTERY OF YOUR LIFE From the depths of Mystery come the Secrets of Heaven. They have come to take you deeper into the experience of Mystery and purpose that surrounds your presence in the world. The Angels of Heaven seek to share with you what has long been forgotten in the world. Miraculously, as if whispered across time and space, these secrets have now come to you. You have found them. At a time of great change in the world, Heaven seeks to reveal to you the long-forgotten truths that once guided the prophets, poets, messengers and mystics throughout the ages. Here the ancient memory and awareness that dwells within you can be rekindled, revealing your greater gifts and purpose in the world. The Secrets of Heaven hold the power to unlock these gifts, deep at the heart of humanity. With these gifts, there is new hope for the world. Heaven asks you to receive its secrets. Each secret is a window into a greater reality. Each secret is an opportunity to peer through the looking glass, and see ourselves as we are seen from above. Now we are looking through the eyes of Heaven to see ourselves, others and the world as never before. The newest book of revelation from The New Message from God, Secrets of Heaven contains the first and earliest utterances of the New Message from God. These secrets were revealed starting in 1983 in the deserts of the American Southwest, upon the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers' initiation by the Angelic Assembly and their mysterious mandate that he open himself to their presence and begin to "record." What you will find in these pages are those first words, recorded, preserved through time and now made available to the world.


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 The Free School is a global community of people studying the New Message from God and sharing it with others.  The School offers an environment of individual study, study partnerships, international gatherings, broadcast events and community interaction to deepen our experience of the New Message and connect us with others around the world.



  • 5
    Such brilliant words

    Posted by Natalie on 14th Dec 2018

    This is a wonderful book of teachings and feel very grateful to have found it. Thank you very much for this wonderful gift!

  • 5
    Secrets of Heaven

    Posted by Argena on 6th Apr 2014

    Part of the value of this book is to learn how to place it in one's life for the most benefit. First, I gradually did read it from cover to cover. Now, each day, I ask my Teachers what I need today, then open the book "at random". Repeatedly, I am given exactly what applies to that day. I am very grateful for this tool. Both new information and ancient wisdom are available in Secrets of Heaven.

  • 5

    Posted by Kay Wilkinson on 21st Jan 2014


  • 5
    How do I read this book?

    Posted by niko on 24th Oct 2013

    Great cover! Nice photo, I associate it with the top of the head, through which inspiration has to enter the vehicle. But how do I read this book? It's full of short amounts of text, that are very "dense" matter. Open one at random? Read it as any other book; while stopping after each secret revealed? How have others been reading it?

  • 5
    correction in previous review

    Posted by alfons on 6th Oct 2013

    Correction of the last two sentences in my previous review. Instead of(Your loving heart is not"I and you".Your loving heart is we.) It must be:Loving hearts are not "I and you".Loving hearts are we.

  • 5
    The key to my previous message

    Posted by alfons on 5th Oct 2013

    The key to the previous message is:"The angel in you is your loving heart".Your loving heart is not "I and you".Your loving heart is we.

  • 5
    Secrets of Heaven

    Posted by alfons on 4th Oct 2013

    Let the angel in you enjoy the company of the angels of heaven.The angel in you is one of them,you know.They are not"I and you".They are"we".We humans,we too,are not"I and you" We are we.

  • 5
    Secrets of Heaven

    Posted by Raoul Tomasi on 2nd Oct 2013

    This book spoke to my deeper feelings and answered some deep questions. The 'secrets' contained in the book are indeed secrets. They are not easily understood if seen from a mundane point of view. If interpreted on the basis of our social conditioning, they will not go to that deeper place within us, but if we just let them enter us without letting our mind get in the will be the effect.

  • 5
    The Secrets of Heaven

    Posted by Joyanne Jeffery on 27th Sep 2013

    A very powerful book! Very moving within. It is like you somehow recognize and know within, some of the information given in the book. A greater awareness of how Heaven and relationships there work. Would recommend this book to all.