The Greater Community - (English Print Book)

Book - ISBN: 978-1-942293-40-8
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Humanity is emerging into a Greater Community of worlds. Contact has begun and our isolation in the universe is over. This is the greatest event in human history, and yet we are unaware and unprepared.

Humanity has reached a critical threshold in its evolution, a time of convergence when enormous political, social and environmental forces are colliding with the world-changing reality of alien contact. 

The Greater Community presents a revolutionary set of teachings to prepare people everywhere for the great change underway now, and to provide the clear and uncorrupted truth about the reality of contact that is occurring in the
world today.

The Greater Community reveals:

 Who is visiting our world, why they are here and what they want.

 The alien agenda at work in the world and how it is affecting people everywhere.

 Who the true allies of humanity are and how they are different from those
 forces intervening in our world.

 The relationship between our core spirituality and contact with other forms
  of intelligent life.

 How to prepare for the reality of contact using the innate power of Knowledge  that lives within us. 

Contact with intelligent life in the universe is a world event like no other. It is the next great step in the development and evolution of the human family. It is unstoppable. It is inevitable. It is happening now. And there are people around the world who know this is true—that extraterrestrial life is a reality and that
we are not alone in the universe, or even within our own world. 

This book is here to give you a complete picture and larger perspective on the state of our world, the reality of contact and the greater meaning of your life at this critical turning point in history.


Table of Contents


About the New Message from God 

Chapter 1 - Humanity’s Emergence into the Greater Community 

Chapter 2 - Contact with Intelligent Life in the Universe

Chapter 3 - Facing the Greater Community

Chapter 4 - Entering the Greater Community 

Chapter 5 - Who Are the Allies of Humanity?

Chapter 6 - The Enemies of Humanity

Chapter 7 - Humanity’s Destiny in the Greater Community 

Chapter 8 - Preparing for the Greater Community

Chapter 9 - Protecting the World

Chapter 10 - The Importance of the Greater Community

Chapter 11 - The New Revelation

Important Terms  

The Messenger 

The Voice of Revelation 

About The Society for the New Message from God  

About the Worldwide Community of the New Message from God 



Join the Free School of the New Message

The Free School is a global community of people studying the New Message from God and sharing it with others.  The School offers an environment of individual study, study partnerships, international gatherings, broadcast events and community interaction to deepen our experience of the New Message and connect us with others around the world.



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    Contact with intelligent life is occurring. Revelation from God: what this means, how to prepare and our destiny.

    Posted by manuel rodriguez on 17th Nov 2017

    Following a recommendation of a friend, and being drawn to the stars and everything which is related to the universe, extraterrestrials and the mystery since the childhood, I bought the printed book “The Greater Community” in the New Knowledge Library. First of all, I have to say that this is not a normal book about the UFO / ET phenomena written by a well informed author, researcher or insider. No. This is a direct communication from God, the Creator of all the universes and uncountable intelligent races and received by the Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers and now available for the whole world and all the people. We are living at a special time of Revelation, at a very crucial turning point for our civilization - and therefore a New Message is in the world. The human family being on our “space ship” and beautiful planet Earth, have always been part of the Greater Community of intelligent Life in the universe. The only thing is that so far we were not aware and had not the capacity to comprehend that, although Earth have been visited in the past by different extraterrestrial races for different reasons but only few evidence can be observed in some sacred texts and archeological sites. This changes now. This book educates us about intelligent life in the universe and gives us the preparation to defend our freedom and sovereignty. Do not buy this book if you look after a science fiction novel of some kind with a fantastic story, huge empires, powerful and merciless extraterrestrial forces, (interdimensional) time travel etc.for distraction and/or entertainment. Also if you look for some kind of proof or evidence about the UFO/ET phenomena or you want to have some names of the races who represent the Intervention or how they look like, you should not buy this book. You would be disappointed. However, if you look for sober and objective teaching and an education you get in no university in the world about what is occurring around us in the vast cosmos full of intelligent life, what this means for us and how we can prepare for contact and how spirituality in the Greater Community look like, then, this book is for you. This is the table of content of the book which is comprised by 11 chapters: Chapter 1: Humanity’s Emergence into the Greater Community Chapter 2: Contact with Intelligent Life in the Universe Chapter 3: Facing the Greater Community Chapter 4: Entering the Greater Community Chapter 5: Who Are the Allies of Humanity? Chapter 6: The Enemies of Humanity Chapter 7: Humanity’s Destiny in the Greater Community Chapter 8: Preparing for the Greater Community Chapter 9: Protecting the World Chapter 10: The Importance of the Greater Community Chapter 11: The New Revelation Humanity is an emerging race (civilization) and is about to enter the Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe. This contact represent the greatest threshold humanity has ever faced. It represents a threat to the human family, as we could lose our freedom and sovereignty to extraterrestrial forces (as they are already here as resource explorers in a clandestine manner casting an influence on humanity to gain access to the wonderful resources of our planet and to position their selves as some kind of saviors or enlightened beings), but it represent at the same time also a great chance, as we will be forced –out of sheer necessity- to cooperate more and to unite the human family in order to solve the earthly problems, without war, unnecessary conflicts and violence. Further, we have to learn to be more responsible for our planet and its resources and the environment, as stewards as we are. Thus, in order to maintain our freedom we need to be 1.united, 2.self-sufficient and 3.discreet and defend our borders at space. All young races face this great challenge. This is part of evolution. We will have to learn how to interact wisely with other forms of intelligent life. This interaction will greatly expand how we view ourselves, God and our place in the universe. We must not plunge deeper into chaos of competition, division and war, making our world ever more vulnerable to Intervention from beyond. We are one humanity with one destiny in the universe. This is not only a choice for the political leaders and governments of the world, it is for every person on Earth. This choice will determine not only our survival in the world, but within the Greater Community of intelligent live in the universe as well. The Greater Community reveals that alien forces from beyond the world have been operating in our midst for many years. These forces do not represent a friendly visitation but instead a dangerous Intervention with an agenda to gain access to the Earth and its resources. Contact with intelligent life in the universe is a world event like no other. It is the next great step in the development and evolution of the human family. It is unstoppable. It is inevitable. The revelations contained in The Greater Community teach that it is the convergence of the Great Waves of environmental, social and political change in our world along with humanity’s emergence into the Greater Community that create the most powerful opportunity to unite the human family—the most powerful opportunity we will ever have to finally bring an end to war and the destruction of our natural environment. The book represents the reality of Knowledge, the spiritual intelligence that lives within each person and that we have to connect to it and to follow it (see book: Steps To Knowledge). It is Knowledge that will enable us to correctly discern the alien Intervention in our world along with its intentions and its activities. This is a critical strength that humanity must develop if it is to safely and wisely engage with powerful alien forces. Further it presents Wisdom from the Greater Community itself. By coming to understand the wisdom of the Allies of Humanity (another book by Marshall Vian Summers), we see our emergence and the development and spiritual evolution our world is called to undertake. This book brings a new reality to the world. It will change how we perceive the world and us in the Greater Community. It will change our beliefs and faiths and it will change society and the world for good. Thus, we all are called and are responsible and we all have to participate and to make our humble contribution to make this transition possible. Therefore, it is a must read for everyone who cares about Earth, the future of humanity and the own family and its descendants. I also highly recommend reading “Life in the Universe”, “The Allies of Humanity”, “Greater Community Spirituality”, “Steps To Knowledge” by the Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers. The best rating available: 5 stars. The book is also available (for free) at