Being a Person of the New Message CD

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God's new message on "Being a Person of the New Message"
37 minute audio CD
As revealed to Marshall Vian Summers
on September 7, 2009
in Boulder, Colorado


“The New Message is here to give humanity great promise and strength—the power of Knowledge that God has placed within each person as the great endowment, an endowment that is waiting to be discovered.

Humanity has not yet discovered its greater powers, its greater strength, its greater integrity and its greater ethical foundation. It is still groveling, like a primitive race, driven by greed and avarice, hatred and condemnation. It is still primitive in what it prescribes and what it adheres to. But this does not deny the fact that humanity has greater strengths and greater powers that have yet to be discovered and developed.

The Creator of all life has sent a New Message into the world to prepare humanity for the Great Waves of change that are coming to the world and to prepare humanity for its encounter with a universe full of intelligent life. But this preparation also requires that humanity recognize and cultivate its greater strengths, its greater integrity.

Humanity cannot be taught or prepared all at once, for the instruction happens at the level of the individual, at the level of the person. To bring an individual into awareness of that individual’s greater strengths, greater powers and greater integrity is where the seeds will be planted and where humanity’s promise resides.”


Please note: This revelation is also available for free download on the New Message website.


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